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Chemistry 1 Summative Presentation

Bryan Chu

on 14 May 2011

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Transcript of Nanotechnology

1x10^19 metres Nanotech Self-Assembly Chemistry 12 Summative But how do we even start building such tiny machines? Mechanisms used to create other, even smaller mechanisms! The answer? DNA! DNA Structures Rely heavily on intermolecular interactions Such as... Hydrogen bonding Van der Waals forces Dipole-Dipole interactions QUANTUM COMPUTERS NORMAL COMPUTERS Use bits Use qubits Which can only express a 1 or a 0 Not very efficient! Qubits Can be a 1, a 0, or any quantum superposition of these! superpositions - orbitals Qubits can express many 'bits' of data at once! VERY EFFICIENT! Carbon Fullerenes Allotropes of Carbon Different structures of carbon Graphite Diamond very strong rope electrodes in paper batteries solar cells AND MANY MORE!! DANGER!!! wHY??? They are highly reactive ANYTHING
POSSIBLE! Very REGULAR nanostructure Carbon nanotubes Many different properties! heat resistant highly conductive very strong chemically inactive ALL DUE TO MOLECULAR STRUCTURE! Used for... nANOPARTICLES CAN BE HIGHLY TOXIC LARGE surface area to volume ratio THE FUTURE OF NANOTECHNOLOGY vapor feed liquid catalyst SOLID PRODUCT! characteristics determined by the catalyst used liquid - solid vapor - solid Nanomachines consume enzymatic active sites Nanoparticles can overwhelm the immune system Toxicity is influenced by... chemical composition shape surface structure surface charge solubility Mechanosynthesis PARTICLES HAVE SUFFICIENT ENERGY AND ARE IN THE CORRECT ORIENTATIONS Normal Reactions pARTICLES cOLLIDE RANDOMLY reactions only occur when... TO CREATE A NEW COMPOUND! Tiny, atom-size machines Bring molecules together With the right energy and the right orientation! Mike Wu and Bryan Chu Can be used to make... colloidal gold streptavidin and more! APPLICATIONS woven into clothes to increase stain resistance used as nano-conductors for electronics who knows what else the future holds? THE END
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