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test presentation

K. Smith

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of test

Nassau BOCES
Department of
Human Resources Ready to save and Turn to Nassau BOCES Department
of Human Resources! Our professional staff will assist you in the RECRUITMENT DEVELOPMENT RETAINMENT of highly skilled personnel! Discover the Benefits... Need highly qualified employees
with unlimited potential? Diversity Recruitment Program
Recruitment Services include: We can search for and refer
your district to a list of culturally
and ethinically diverse
pre-screened qualified candidates. We design and place advertisements for certified positions in newspapers, the Nassau BOCES website, the OLAS website, college placement offices, journals and other outlets at reduced costs based on New York State Contract rates.
OLAS serves participating school districts as their source for filling jobs. Districts can view applicant information, resumes and cover letters. Applicants can also choose to grant all participating districts access to their application. Recruitment Advertising
OLAS: Online Application Service Fingerprinting FREE SERVICE
for the districts! Automated Substitute Placement Allows employees to telephone absences into a computer system 24 hours a day.
Aesop saves you the time and money normally associated with the manual handling of substitute placement!
Employee Assistance Program EAP provides counseling services designed to offer employees and their families help in coping with sensitive marital, legal, family and health care issues. Regional Certification Employee Assistance Program Full-service Fingerprinting Recruitment Advertising Diversity Recruitment Online Application System: OLAS AESOP: Substitute Management System Nassau BOCES
Department of
Human Resources Contact:

Assistant Director of Human Resources

Supervisor of Human Resources Nassau BOCES offers
Digital Fingerprinting! ?
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