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End Of Days

No description

Dav Pot

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of End Of Days

End Of Days By:Eric Walters Characters
Joshua Fittchet - Runs organization of highly intelligent people underground to save them from the asteroid so they can repopulate the earth once the asteroid hits.
William Phillips/Billy - Chosen by Joshua Fittchet to be the leader of the new world once Fittchet dies. He is being trained underground.
Christina - one of the highly intelligent people chosen to live underground when the asteroid hits Characters
Daniel Sheppard - Scientist chosen to work on saving planet from asteroid. Becomes leader of the group of scientists after Dr. Markell
Parker - Sheppard's bodyguard for 17 years
Andrew Markell - Scientist chosen to work on saving planet from asteroid. Became leader of the group before Sheppard. Died at end of book. Betrayed science.
Dr. Hay - Scientist chosen to work on saving planet from asteroid. Became first leader of the group. Later on died because she wasn't well.
Donahue - Scientist chosen to work on saving planet from asteroid. Became leader of the group after Dr. Hay died. Donahue was assasinated by relious group who thought she shouldn't be interfering with God's plan for the end of the world. Setting
Switzerland - Scientists like Sheppard, Donahue, Dr. Hay, and Markell worked in Switzerland
This location was unknown
New York - Where Billy lived before he was chosen by Fittchet
Idaho - Fittchet's underground organization
Russia, China, India, Britain, France, Pakistan, England - Where ships were launched to destroy the asteroid
The book starts in 2012 with 28 years until an asteroid hits the earth marking the end of human life Idaho Plot
Long time ago, a spaceship is sent into space. After many years, poeple have forgotten about it. In 2012, it decides to come back. But it's not coming alone. It's bringing with it, an asteroid that will destroy all human life on Earth. One group of scientists will try to destroy the asteroid by launching spaceships armed with weapons into space. Another group is trying to survive the impact of the asteroid by digging deep underground, and resurfacing years later, when the Earth is hospitable to human life. Will this be enough to save the human race and all life on Earth? Personal Rating
I really enjoyed reading End of Days. It was very similar to a mystery story because it was about the end of the world. Everything was a mystery and there were many variables in the planning. If you are a person who is interested in science or space, this would be a good read for you. End of Days is fast paced and you just won't want to stop reading. Other Books Written by Eric Walters
We All Fall Down
United We Stand
Royal Ransom
Caged Eagles
Safe As Houses
Rebound Interesting Words
Subsequent - coming after something in time
Apex - the top or the goal
Holographic - a 3-D image projected by light
Proficient - skilled in doing or using something
Defiance - resistance and disobedience
Junction - a point where 2 or more things are joined
Facilitate - make or process ex. You must facilitate a good response Interesting Words
Thermonuclear - weapons in which explosive force is produced by thermonuclear reactions
Parochial - relating to Church or Parish
Apocalypse - event involving destruction or damage
Quirkiness - a strange attitude or habit
Uranium - a chemical element used in nuclear reactors
Intermittently - occurring at regular intervals
Unprecedented - never done or known before Holographic image The End This is what scientists thought was going to happen to Earth Mrs. Millar's ultimate favourite book!
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