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Step aside Shakespeare, I can do it better!

Your turn to be the teacher and become the expert about a particular scene or present the basic plot and/or theme from the play you've been studying

Lisa Terkuc

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of Step aside Shakespeare, I can do it better!

Days of Verona Lives: Soap Opera over dramatisation 60 second adaptation of a scene TAbloid journalism CSI: crime investigation Law & Order: convicting criminals Cribs: an inside look into the homes and lives of the famous & the fabulous ACA sensationalised interview Aims/ Challenges about unit:
1. How do you get students to understand the plot, characters and ideas that make up the Romeo & Juliet Story?
2. How do you get beyond the language of the text for students to engage in the story?
3. How do you ensure students have understood and can communicate learning?
4. What relevance does Romeo & Juliet have in today's society for these students?
5. What technology do the students use in their daily "research"? Does this relate to the classroom? Ideas for Student Projects Ideas Brainstorm Teaching Method:
1. No fear Shakespeare online text version of the Play
2. Drama in the classroom
3. Compare the Zeffirelli & Luhrmann film versions
4. Discussion :"Who cares about Shakespeare?"
5. Wikipedia search of Shakespeare (student based) Student Reflection of the filming process
and deconstruction Has technology enhanced student learning? Learning Framework Connections Assessment task Stage 4 Syllabus Connections Student Video Sample "Step aside Shakespeare, I can do it better!" Youtube videos as inspiration... 1. Material made accessible and engaging
2. Digital language of students used
3. Practical use of sound & visual techniques learned
4. Structured learners demonstrate knowledge then deconstruct theoretical concepts
5. Integration of written & digital texts Syllabus based learning fostering:
communication and collaboration skills
creative thinking skills
engaging learning spaces
multimodal literacy skills
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