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The Help- By Kathryn Stockett

Book Report <3

Jude Sammani

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of The Help- By Kathryn Stockett

Book Report By...
Jude Sammani The help is a life changing story about
colored maids called "The Help" and how
they live. This story is narrated by three people, Aibeleen, Minny
and Ugina "skeeter" Plelan.
Skeeter gets this job for a column in the paper called "Ask Myra". This column is about housework, which she knows nothing about,because her family has maids, so she asks Aibileen to help her. She then gets a huge opportunity to follow her dreams, which is to write a book. She decides to
write a book about "The Help". Aibeleen and Minny finally decide to help her, but are under attack by the queen of Jackson, Miss Hilly. They overcome the many obstacles that change their life in Jackson, Mississippi. Main Characters Aibileen: Is a maid for Miss Lefolt. She is very hopeful,and always telling the rest of the community things will get better. Also, she has courage, writing the book no other maid would help with (until later in the story). She is very experienced by raising 17 white children. Minny: Was a maid for the horrible antagonist, Miss Hilly.She was then hired by Miss Celia. She is very funny. She is also rude and has to hold her tongue a lot. She is known all around Jackson for her food. Ugina "Skeeter" Phelan: She is a fearless writer.
She got very upset when she went to collage and
her favorite maid was gone. She had a very strong
bond with her and was heartbroken. She was very
courageous to write "The Help" in the story. Minor Characters Miss Hilly: The antagonist in the story
who sets out to ruin everyone"s life after
she finds out about Minny's pie. Miss Lefolt: Aibeleen's boss, who neglects
her children for her friends. Miss Celia: Minny's boss who just moved ,
but is shunned by everyone else. She also wanted
Minny to be a secret from her husband so he would
think she did the work. The protagonists are....
Aibeleen, Minny, and Skeeter. The Antogonist is...
Miss Hilly Rising Action: Aibileen,Minny, and
Skeeter work on the book. Miss Hilly
is catching on to Skeeter because she
is retaliating against Hill's authority. Climax: The Book comes out
and Miss Hilly figures it is about Jackson
Mississippi, but then tells everyone it is not because
the put the pie story in it. Falling Action: Aibileen, Minny, and Skeeter realize that Hilly is not worth the fear and overcome her tricks and cruelty. Resoloution: Will anyone get hurt? Will
Celia's husband find out about Minny? Will
Skeeter find Consantine???? Plot Line Exposition: This Book takes place in the year of 1962, in Jackson Mississippi.The main characters are Aibileen, Minny, and Skeeter. THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!! Conflict: The main characters try to tell the world about the lives of maids in Jackson, Mississippi. Theme The major theme in the novel, "The Help" is change. One way change is shown in this novel is when they wrote the book it was a change for them to break through the segregational walls that came in between everyone in the south. Another example of change is when they all in the end try to decide if they should leave their lives they've know forever. Will Minny leave home from her abusive husband? Will Aibeleen get a job? Will Skeeter follow he dreams? This shows a lot of change because they practically have to think about leaving their lives as they known it in Jackson. There are many examples of the theme, change in this novel. The Help was turned into a major production last year. This is the trailer of the help. http://www.traileraddict.com/trailer/the-help/trailer Questions????
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