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No description

Mark James

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of Senior

Parent Night
Croatan High School
Tonight's Agenda
Welcome & Introductions
School Counselors
Senior Information
Presentations of Graduation Information
General College Admission Information
Senior Informaiton
Dues - $10 (picnics, prom, etc)
If you have purchased your locker for the year then you are all set
Thanksgiving Break - will start after school on the 25th (early release) November 26th-29th
Christmas Break - starts after the early release on December 18th - January 3rd
Prom Night - April 15th
Spring Breatk will start after school April 22nd and return May 1st
Graduation Projection - June 6th - June 10th
Stay Informed
All forms of communication are welcomed!!!!
email your counselor -
Check out the website(s) - Student Services & Senior Information

What will be on the transcript?
History of students academics courses
Weighted and Unweighted GPA
Class Ranking
Where and How do we send the student's transcript?
Schools that you are applying to
Scholarship applications may require a copy
Final transcripts must be sent to college that student decides to attend
This can be done through CFNC.org, Common App, Sendedu,
hardcopy, & emailed
DATES are listed online -

Register for the ACT

Register for the SAT

Class 0f 2016

Senior/Parent Night
September 24, 2015

Brought you by -
Student Services Dept
Student Services Staff
Mark James: A-G
Kathy Bernstein: H-O
Kate Short: P-Z
Holly Tolston: Career Development Coordinator
Lisa Hooks: School Social Worker
Amanda Waltrip: Data Manager
Portia Blair: Registrar
College Selection & Application Process
There are over 4000 colleges and universities!
Factors to consider - major, tuition, location, size, quality of education, & learning environment
Great Resources
- cfnc.org

Plan, Apply, & Pay for College
Video Tutorials
Personalized College Search
Information on how to Pay for tuition
Send Transcripts
Free Application
for Federal Student Aid
Family Tax Information
Cost of School - Expected Family Contribution = Your Financial Need
30-40 minutes
was designed to remove the apprehension from the college planning and preparation process.
Create an account, add your schools, review admission requirements, gather information, apply
Register for SAT
College Planning Tab
College Search Tab
Scholly Mobile App
- An Adaptive matching engine to assist you in finding scholarships that you qualify for in seconds!
- app - $0.99
College Admissions Options
Early Action
Early Decision
Regular Admission
Rolling Admission
- not binding w/ advantage of having a better chance of gaining admission by applying early!
- designed for your top choice no matter what - binding agreement!
- conducted during regular admissions period and staying cognizant of deadlines
- not utilized by all institutions, but will continue to accept students until the admission goal has been met
Recommendation Letters
- Ask someone you know that will make a positive recommendation!
- Give the recommender added information to assist them (College/Scholarship Resume - Google Doc Brag Sheet)
- Give at least a two weeks notice
- Recommendation Letter Etiquette
Accepted - You're In!
Deferred - Student's application has been moved to the next deadline (more information may be requested)
Denied - not accepted and will need to seek other school options
Waitlisted - If space becomes available, you will be notified
- all student/families should complete regardless of income or grades
CACRAO College Night
- Stay Up 2 Date on the Student Services Webpage
- Don't Forget Your Handout
- Utilize the listed resources
- Start working on your Scholarship/College Resume
Enjoy Your Senior Year!
Campus Visits
- Contact Admissions Dept for weekends geared for visitors
- Senior College Visitation Guidelines
Two allowed absences
Teacher notification required prior to campus visit
College Documentation of visit is required in letter form signed by college official
College visitations may be denied during the last two weeks of the semester due to exam preparations
Full transcript