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Gastroenteritis "The Stomach Flu"

No description

Peyton Saunders

on 29 November 2011

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Transcript of Gastroenteritis "The Stomach Flu"

Gastroenteritis What is it? Inflammation of the stomach
nd small and large intestines
It is caused by multiple Viruses, but it isnot caused by influenza viruses. How does it
enter the body? It is contagious, but you have to have close contact with the person from eating or drinking after them.
It also comes from
food and water. What causes it? many different viruses cause the stomach flu.
-Rota Viruses -Noro Viruses -Astro Viruses (Naming a few)
its not caused by bacteria or other medical conditions. Get it? Where is it? Not Good!!!! Who gets Viral gastroenteritis? Anybody from anywhere can get it, but different viruses attack different age groups.
5 & under- Rotaviruses
Young children- astroviruses
Teens and Adults- Noroviruses
Where is it in the world? Its everywhere in the world. All the viruses that cause it are in different times or seasns. In school settings Noroviruses are present. In the colder months rotaviruses and astroviruses are ready to infect. How to treat gastroenteritis?
AKA "Stomach Flu" Its all about g-series gatorade. That third step "The Recover". You have to hydrate your body again, because of all the fluids you lost. Or, you can jut use a non-prescription medicine called ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) Unless its cooked!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsJlYU7qWtQ&feature=related Youtube. How to prevent Gastroenteritis?
You just need to be cleaning your hands and other things you touch everyday like Monk does.
Watch what you eat and make sure it is cooked. Reference Page
http://www.emedicinehealth.com/gastroenteritis/article_em.htm Beastness By: Peyton Saunders & Drake Nixon

Do Work Son!!!!!!!!!!! Vaccines for gastroenteritis? Yes, their is a licensed rotavirus vaccine that stops it, but the other viurses dont have a vaccine.
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