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Science Chapter 2 Lesson 2 What causes changes to landforms?

weathering, erosion, sinkhole, etc.

Elise DiPalma

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Science Chapter 2 Lesson 2 What causes changes to landforms?

Miss DiPalma's Fifth Grade Class

S5E1b: Students will identify and find
examples of features caused by
destructive processes. What causes changes
to landforms? Vocabulary Time! weathering: the process of wearing away
rocks by natural means

erosion: the process of moving sediment by
wind, moving water, or ice Yes, MORE Vocabulary... earthquake: when two of the Earth's plates move
and run into or slide past each other.
This causes vibrations (shaking) to occur.

volcano: a landform (usually a mountain) where
molten rock erupts through the surface
of the planet Vocabulary Continued... sinkhole: a large hole formed when the roof of a
cave collapses

landslide: takes place when dirt, pebbles, rocks, and
boulders slide down a slope together Weathering Imagine yourself standing on the beach.
Sand is hitting your face. OUCH! It stings!
Now, think of yourself as a mountain. What
will happen over time?

The natural process of wearing away
rocks by natural means is known as
weathering. Weathering Erosion is a change caused by wind! Suppose your hands are dirty after
working in the garden. You go inside and wash your hands. The water flows over your hands,
picks up the dirt, and carries it away.
Erosion, the process of moving sediment, is a
lot like that! Moving water can change
the Earth's surface. Think back... Erosion Canyons are created by erosion! Sinkhole Water also causes erosion underground.
Underground erosion causes caves to form. Often, the roof of the cave collapses. If the roof
is near the surface of the Earth, a large hole, sinkhole, may open suddenly!
Many sinkholes are found in Florida where
much limestone is. SCARY! Sinkhole Landslide Water isn't the only factor that
causes erosion. Gravity can also cause
land-changing processes. Gravity can
make mud and soil move quickly down a slope. This is called a landslide. Like
sinkholes, landslides can happen
suddenly! Landslide Destructive
Processes Destructive processes are when things happen to
the Earth that destroy or break down part of it.
One example of a destructive process is when wind
erodes or takes away some of the sand on a
sand dune or beach. Earthquake A shaking of the Earth's
surface, caused by movement of rock in the crust Earthquake! http://earthquake.usgs.gov/learn/photos.php Volcano A volcano is a mountain of lava, ash, or other materials from eruptions. Lava may ooze slowly out of the vent or it may explode with tremendous force. Eruption in
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