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French and Indian War

No description

Yajaira Perez

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of French and Indian War

Who? What? Some people who were involved in the French and Indian war were: the British colonists, the French, the Iroquois, the Native American Tribes, and the British people. The French and the Native American tribes wanted the land of the British colonists so they invaded. The French spent alot of money so they went in debt. When? Why? It happened somewhere in the 1750's. The French wanted more land and the Britain colonists wanted their land back How Did They Feel About the War?? French: They wanted to win so they could get more land and General Braddock wasn't afraid of the 2,100 red-coated army.
Iroquois: They hoped that helping the British would also bring favors after the war.
British Colonists: They felt upset because the French took their land but they worked together to get their land back.
Native American Tribes: Many of them got upset or saddened because many were killed after and they were also forced to leave their homes.
British: Most of them didn't really didn't help a lot in the war.

What Did they Gain From Participating?? French: Not a lot, they only gained a lot of suffering because of all the people that died. They lost a lot of men and won no land.
Iroquois: They didn't gain nothing. They weren't as many killed as the rest of the Native American because they were on the British side.
British Colonists: They gained a lot, they gained more land in North America and lost not many men.
Native American Tribes: They gained defeat, and they suffered a lot because they were on the French side, many were killed.
British: They gained more land because they were on the British side and that's it.
The French and Indian War By: Yajaira Perez & Fernando Aguirrre What Steps Did the Country Take to Democratize?? They took many steps like overthrowing King James and getting Parliament.They did many things to boycott the British English Government.
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