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GT tech project

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y y

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of GT tech project

Bad Effects
Good effects
Teaches Responsibility:
The Statistics
-in a 2004 survey by the University of Michigan of 2,900 students in the U.S., they found that amount of time spent on homework had increased by 51% since 1981
Why do kids not like homework here at
-we get homework we don't always need
-we don't want to do it
-your more likely to get the bad effects if kids don't need homework or don't want homework
By: Tom Biasi, Tommy Lyndon,
Jared Schymanski, and Brad Whitton

Does homework help or hurt students?
Students have to do their homework on their own. No one should need to tell them to do it, thus teaching them how to be responsible for their homework and other things.
Time Management:
Students learn how to manage their time so that
they can get their homework done.
When students finish homework, they may feel like they accomplished some thing, and over time they will build up their self esteem.
Enforces What You Learn in Class
-students won't completely forget what they learned that day
- if they don't understand something on the homework, they know they need to figure out how ot do it
- students will stress about not getting their homework done
- they will worry about getting a good grade
Takes Away Time for After School Activities
- students will skip activities because of home work

-students will not join a sport or other after school activity because of homework
Makes Entire
Family Stressed
- students may sometimes not understand there homework, thus forcing their parents to help them, and if they can't help, both the parent and student will get frustrated
Exercise and Activity
-homework causes kids to be less active
- homework takes away time from a child's social life
Student's Liking of School is Diminished
In a survey done by Professor Keneth A. Kiewra, who is a educational psychologist at the University of Nebraska, on hundreds of parents of children from four different schools, he found:
- 54% of seventh graders had 1- 1/2 hours of home work nightly

- 25% of parents felt that homework hurt their family life as a whole

- 96% of parents helped their students with their homework

-found that the schools did not communicate effectively with parents on homework
Also, students haven't always had this much home work.
Since people have actually thought about banning homework, and because of the other reasons homework was bad, we believe that teachers should stop giving homework and that it is more hurtful than helpful.
Most students don't like school because of homework. Homework deteriorates our interest in learning, which makes us less likely to want to work as hard as we want to in school.
Fryer Johnson, Glenda Faye. "Why Homework Is Actually Good For Kids." Memphis Parent. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Jan. 2013.
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Is it reasonable to ban homework?
Actually, the French President Francois Hollande has considered getting rid of homework as part of a huge education reform, so yes it is.
President Hollande said in a speech that,
"Education is priority. An education program is, by definition, a societal program. Work should be done at school, rather than at home."
Why does he propose the ban?
He says that it is unfair for students whose parents can't help them with their homework.
Now, we know that teachers will never completely stop giving homework, so we have suggestions for teachers to make homework better and more enjoyable.
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