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Technology of the future homes

info about technology in future homes

Fiona Kirby-Walker

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of Technology of the future homes

New Technology of the future... In the next 5 years there
will be lots of different technology
from today, you wouldn't beleive
what engineers are thinking.
Eventhough people from twenty
years ago would've never thought t
here would be technology like today! One of the many cars
of the future this car is
an electric car that is eco
friendly, the company who
invented this thinks there
will be many people driving
in these in the years to come. New homes of the future... Engineers and scientists
expect homes to be very
different in the next five
years; especially in South
Korea. In an average home there will be a control touch sreen panel, (like a massive ipod). Plus!
A adjustable kitchen counter!
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