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Remember the Titans

Class Project

David Wesolowski

on 6 December 2011

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Transcript of Remember the Titans

Gettysburg Initial Meeting Between Coaches Subject 2 MBAllies: Video Presentation
Effective Leadership 12/06/11
Professor Segovis Team as Symbol
Opportunities - Coach Yoast impacted by "groupthink"?

Demonstrates Structure - "I am never late to a meeting"

Reframing - takes pointed questions and uses the Political frame though inspriration related currencies to build positives for the future.
is important too Introduction Chronological walk through Remember the Titans

Discussion points and clips will be on the 4 Frames; how used, what worked well, where was there opportunity for improvement

The movie is based on a true story

Year one of a racially integrated school

Follows the H.S. Football team through the challenges of this integration, how they adapted, and the symbolism they created.

The movie touches upon all 4 frames of leadership; Structural, Human Resource, Political, and Symbolic.

Heroes, Myth, and the team that could be both

Purpose, challenge and a compelling direction
“In high-performing organizations and groups, stories keep traditions alive and provide examples to guide everyday behavior.” Reframing Organizations

The Team’s Self Awareness: Discovering your Authentic Leadership

Symbolism of Coach Boone and Sheryl holding Hands at the End

Coach Boone Meets the Team Team Calls Meeting Statistics 101 Perfection Team Building at Dinner Clearing the Air Boone listens to Yoast Halftime Championship Conclusion Structure, Political, Symbolic, Human Resource

Adaptive Leadership


As IBM transitioned from the Gerstner to Palmisano, so are the Titans players are transitioning. Stretched/Strained/Broken Down –> Strengthened

“Nothing cooks without some heat”

Stress level is tolerable, not destructive, and the environment is productive. Participants uncomfortable - forced to act. Before -> dysfunctional + hopeless. After -> effective + hopeful.

‘Perfection’ as symbolism, not the actual objective

Julius elevated to apprentice in the student/teacher relationship; reminds players of coach’s original vision – perfection - fulfill it for themselves. Objective has been adapted…Perfection -> Win.
“The essence of a team is common commitment. Without it, groups perform as individuals; with it, they become a powerful unit of collective performance.” The Discipline of Teams

Common commitment regardless of Boone and Yoast’s different leadership styles

Empowerment - Coach Boone is accepting feedback from peers Chartering – we won’t survive

Learning – Statistical analysis

Mobilizing – State Championship is the goal

Re-aligning – the two coaches now working together Coach Boone - Wizard vs Warrior

Symbolic - Titan Uniform, Motivation

Structural - Agenda = Perfection, Establish Rules - "You drop a pass you run a mile..."

Adaptive Change: Integrate black and white

HR Frame: Care about players’ career

Get To Know You

Productive Working Relationship

Superior Football Performance •Vertical Coordination

•“This is a dictatorship” •Political Frame

•Bargaining and Negotiation Any Questions?
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