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Panic by Sharon M. Draper

No description

Matthew Henson

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Panic by Sharon M. Draper

Panic by Sharon M. Draper
Jeniece Bailey block 1A
My Book Report #2

The 2nd event that I enjoyed
The 2nd event that i enjoyed was when the dance members of Crystal Pointe Dance Academy dedicated all their dances to Diamond in hope of her safe return. The reason i enjoyed this part of the novel was because it shows how much Diamond was loved by all of her friends. It was also a way for her friends to grieve over Diamond's disappearance.
Summary and Theme
A 15 year old dancer named Diamond makes a foolish mistake and finds herself in terrible danger. Diamond is promised to get an audition in a movie but she finds that its not the movie she wants to be in. Panic is not only the story of Diamond and her mistakes its also about her 3 friends Mercedes who blames herself for everything that has happened to Diamond, Layla who is in an abusive relationship, and Justin who is secretly in love with Layla.
The 1st event I enjoyed
The 1st event i enjoyed was when Diamond walked out of the mall with Thane thinking she was going to an audition. Later on, waking up coming to the conclusion that yes she had been kidnapped. The reason I enjoyed this part is because it just shows that anything can happen, anywhere and at any time.
One of the themes of this book is that everyone and everything is not what it seems.
This book is a young adult realistic fiction and a little bit of suspense, the reason i enjoy this genre is because it is very mature and it is realistic meaning it can happen to anyone. Also you never know whats gonna happen next.
Genre of novel
The 3rd event that I enjoyed
The 3rd event I enjoyed was when everyone hears that Diamond is home and hears what she has gone through. They realize what they have gone through while Diamond was gone is nothing compared to what Diamond has gone through.
Miss Ginger
Mrs and Mr Landers
Mr and Mrs Ford
My Favorite Character
My favorite character is Justin. He is my favorite character because he is always positive even through the tough times he is always supportive. He was very protective of Layla.
This book has a very important lesson that all kids can learn from"DONT TALK TO STRANGERS"
This book has very mature topics about relationships and more
This book is very well writen in a sense of sequence because it goes from person to person with out confusing you
The End
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