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being a good friend

No description

Imo Fancourt

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of being a good friend

Being a good friend Be curious- try to understand and remember...there's always an excuse for a hug even if they're not there ;) Laugh...get you through the hard times Let them know being a friend isn't all just about lending someon your stuff. it's about sticking by them no matter what and showing them that your there for them. it can be hard...but it's worthwhile knowing there's someone who's willing to share a few laughs with! here are a few tips: Accept new people! you never know... Never let them go. always stand by them...( i don't advise you tie a peice of sting onto your internal organs though ;) even the most opposite characters can be great freinds and get along just fine Thank you for watching :D being a good friend e even the most unlikely pair can
get along just fine Accept new people...
you never know
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