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Marketing Communications

No description

alex kart

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Communications

The Market Worth to £105 million Competitors in the market Schloer:
Leader in the market - 29% of market share

Coca-Cola brand - 16% of the market - Middle aged women
- Urban Areas
- Active Lifestyle
- ABC1 social grade
-Health conscious Our Target Market Targeted Mailing List creation, design, maintenance and interactivity
Web designer hire
average salary over the period
£32500 Printed advertising Telegraph media group - 1 Half page in Telegraph magazine : £13789

- 1 full page in Stella: £18300 DataHQ -10000 adresses:
£4000 Metro Newspaper:
10x7 London Colour

£8,876 Special event Booking of the space and goodies

£10000 Total estimated costs: £78597 Thank you for your attention.
Questions ? AMM Agency

Our past clients
St Pellegrino (european mkt)
Taillefine (french market)
Magners (uk market)

Client now : PHILLIPS BEER Who are we ? Our Objectives - Capture 5% of the Premium soft drinks market by the end of 2013

- Raise 30% awareness of our target market

- Generates Sales up to 6325302 bottles by mid 2013 to reach a turnover of 5.25 Millions

- Make Phillips noticeable and knowable in the UK market Product & Price Product Philline non- alcoholic beer Flavour : mandarin Benefits Pack of 4 bottles of 33cl Energy for a whole day or night

less calories

premium packaging

Substitute for alcohol Price
Per bottle : £0.84

Per pack of 4 bottles : £3.34

In pubs/cafés/clubs: £2.53 Place
Whole Food,
Mark & Spencer
Sainsbury’s Promotional tools Direct Marketing
Social Medias
Word of Mouth Launching - Ladies Night:
‘Jealous Club’ - central London

- Distribution of goodies
(t-shirts, caps, and Free sample) Sponsorship - Breast Cancer Event
Raise women awareness

- Sport Competition:
Virgin London Marathon Strategies 2 strategies

Push strategy :
« Taking the product to the customer »

For the Launching
Pull strategy
« Getting the customer to come to you » Budget
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