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Alyssa Verno's Senior Project

What I've created for teens like me.

alyssa verno

on 2 April 2012

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Transcript of Alyssa Verno's Senior Project

Alyssa Verno's Senior Project!
Career, Passion, or Service? Career:
Event Promotion! My Mentor:

Vinny Croglio Developing a bonded and credible security team We made event pages on Facebook to expand our invitations to all teens, and it really helped us connect to thousands. We also distributed tickets to over 50 schools with our 126 representatives and to all Wegmans locations. Create invites and send the word out! The Dome Arena It was time to hire a professional
Promotional Nightlife photographer!
We selected IShootNightLife, and they did an excellent job! Time to set up and get ready! Execution of the Event! Picking a date
and to identify
a venue! Who is Vinny Croglio? Vinny is a sophomore at Cansius College,
majoring in Biochemistry. To enter the college
you must enter the big blue door. That was the
reasoning behind his first company, Bluedoor

He also founded the company CJ sound (Croglio Junior)
with his father, and it was all dedicated to visual, and sound
effects that really make Night Craze what it is! Developing a song list!
Containing over 3000 songs! My Three Signposts!
The relationship with my mentor, a real life Event Promoter
The process of all, coordinating an event like this
Lastly, getting an indication of my life. Decide on a THEME!

NIGHT GLOW! Selecting a Professional DJ! Who better than 98 PXY's
Raphael Opida and Stephen LoPresti!
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