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Kendall Taylor

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of Vegetarianism

Michaela Walter
Amber Hawkins


Vegetarianism is a diet with the lack of some or all meat
How it Affects Your Diet:
Daily Food Choices and Challenges:
Finding meatless choices for your meal
Making sure you're getting enough protein in your diet
Types of Vegetarians:
Vegetarian Chili
This recipe of chili contains no meat and has lots of different beans and cheese in it
Spinach Pomagranate Salad with Apple Slices
This salad contains spinach for the vegetable and pomagranate and apple slices for the fruits needed for a healthy diet
Vegan: Someone who avoids all animal products
Lacto Ovo: Someone who does not eat any meat but partakes in all dairy products.
Prescatarian: Someone who eats fish and shellfood, but not other meats.
Since a vegetarian doesn't eat meat, they must get their protein another way.
Nuts and beans are a vital part of a vegetarian’s diet since they contain a lot of protein.

Flexitarian: Someone who eats a mostly vegetarian diet but occasionally meat.
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