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Copy of Reading Parent Night Presentation

FCAT 2.0, and Reading Program Information

Elizabeth Scanlon

on 9 August 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Reading Parent Night Presentation


Reading Where Can I Learn More?
http://fcat.fldoe.org/fcat2/ What's New With FCAT?
Cognitive Complexity
Increased text length
Questions Require Multiple Reading Processing Steps\Higher Order Thinking Skills
Test will be computer-based
More nonfiction
Use of text-based evidence Summer Reading All Freshman Read 2!
Firestorm by David Klass (Test 9/20)
Book of Choice* (Project Due 9/27)
*IB Students 2nd Book:
To Kill A Mockingbird What Can I Do To Help My Child? Encourage Attendance
Support Reading Daily at Home
Contact Teachers
Monitor Student Progress
Use FCAT Explorer
www.fcatexplorer.com FCAT Reading in April
Benchmark Tests September & December Reading Application
-Author's Purpose
-Author's Perspective
-Author's Bias
-Main Idea\Relevant Details
-Cause & Effect
-Text Structures
-Patterns of Organization
-Compare & Contrast Informational Text\Research Process
-Text Features
-Validity & Reliability Vocabulary
-Context Clues
-Word Relationships
-Multiple Meanings Reading Focus
4 Strands Literary Analysis
-Literary Elements (Plot, Character, etc)
-Descriptive Language (Tone, Mood, etc)
-Figurative Language (Simile, Metaphor, etc)
-Text Features What are we doing to help your 9th grader? Progress Monitoring - Benchmark tests
- FAIR testing
- Data Talks Homework Expectations - Article of the Week (AOW)
- Independent Reading
- FCAT Explorer Navigating Reading -Florida Teens Read
-Family Literacy Night
-Chat & Chew
-Million Minute Marathon
-College Champions Reading for Pleasure Contact elizabeth.scanlon@ocps.net
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