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United Airlines

No description

Allie Wagner

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of United Airlines

Allie, Craig, Kayla, Meghan, and Brandon United Airlines Strategic Issues United Airlines Porter's 5 Force Model SWOT Analysis Recommendations Where Are They Now?? Sources Topics Strategic Issues History General and Industry Environment Porter's 5 Forces Model SWOT Analysis Corporate-Level Strategy Business-Level Strategy Recommendations Current Status General Environment Corporate-Level Strategy Business-Level Strategy 1931- United Airlines emerged. Provided passenger transport and mail services to consumers 1978- Airline Deregulation Act 1994- Largest majority employee-owned corporation in world 2001- Bankruptcy 2008- Largest Loss 2010- Proposed merge with Continental Airlines 2012- Merged with Continental Airlines creating United Continental Holdings Strengths
Strong operational network
Hub & Spoke Company
Market Share

Tarnished Image
Financial Position
Unit revenue is down in every region except in the Pacific region Opportunities
Growing airline industry
Opportunity to strengthen financial position
Target travel and tourism industry

Future oil prices
Low cost carriers Threat of new entrants
Low – Attractive

Congested industry
High cost of Entry
Tightly regulated industry
Customer loyalty to existing airliners
Bargaining power of supplier
High – Unattractive
Boeing and Airbus are the only two suppliers
Labor – typically unionized Bargaining power of the Buyer
High – Unattractive
Technology – gives potential customers a wider range of options when choosing airlines.

Threat of Substitutes
Low – attractive

Potential substitutes:
Competitive Rivalry
High – unattractive

34 US based companies
6 airlines control 72% of the US market
All airliners are competing for the same customers with business travel decreasing. Bankruptcy Rivals Merging
Global Delta
US Airways
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