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Rafael Rosario for English 2 Mrs. Silverthorne's class

Rafael Rosario

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Me

One thing about me is that I enjoy playing the guitar occasionally, and its my favorite instrument. I like the guitar because it is a very universal instrument kind of like me. I am From Puerto Rico and I speak spanish, like the guitar can play Rock music or Salsa. I also occasionally do some boxing from time to time, I think that boxing is a good way to describe me because it teaches discipline and respect. Things that are very important to having good character. Another thing about me is I really like computers. Anything that is computer related i like. I have taken apart a couple computers and I really liked it. I try to learn about computers as much as I can. I think that this describes me because I think that if you do things you like then you will enjoy life more. Inner and Outer qualities by:
Rafael Rosario I think that one last thing that really describes me is my taste in books. I really like horror novels like most of the Stephen King books. My favorite book so far is Misery. I think that this describes pretty well because peoples taste in books is a big thing in their lives, and I think that the reason most people don't read books is because they haven't found the right genera.
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