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Promotion and Advertising

No description

Ula La

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Promotion and Advertising

Promotion and Advertising
Communication Process in Advertising
made by:
Bartłomiej Świder
Eng. Urszula Lasota
Eng. Anna Magosiewicz

At the end of each MasterCard commercial is the slogan, “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else there’s MasterCard.”
Already well-known as a well-established and reliable credit card provider, the company simply looks to expand to the world-market. Because of this, MasterCard already has a strong rhetorical slogan that they employ because the viewers associate that one word, "priceless," with their product.
Management of the MasterCard is making advertisement
of their product to pay attention to the potential customer.
Then they are waiting for the feedback.
Main objectives are :
to get as much customers as possible
to be known on the world
to be the best on the market
to make as much profit as possible
There are three ways of advertising the MasterCard:
- short commercial spots, slogan, logo
-promotions campaign
Logo is shown as a simple graphic sign. Two circles connected with themselves. Circle on the left is red, and the right one is yellow. In front of this there's a title MasterCard. It's because the red and yellow is easy to see and to remember. The key words associated with red are winner, achiever, intense, impulsive, active, and a yellow are original, imaginative, creative. All of this graphic signs are shown in the spots, newspapers and on the cash machines. MasterCard's logo help in visual identification process of a brand.
Receiver is thinking about funny story in the spot and it's necessity to have a credit card nowadays. When he is thinking about choice the first thought is that funny ad of MasterCard.
Decodification and feedback.
MasterCard’s “Priceless” campaign was first introduced in 1997 featuring a father and son going to a baseball game. The phenomenally well-known commercial has its signature format – two or three tangible materials given a price (i.e. “one autographed baseball. $45.”) ending with one intangible satisfactory achievement (i.e. “real conversation with 11 year-old son. Priceless.”).
Commercial spot
Advertising the financial world in a very easy way may be limited to boredom and lack of ideas to encourage the purchase of their services. Example MasterCard ad that instead of focusing on the lowest-rate loan (as they competitors do), decided to affect on human emotions and dreams. The campaign is called "Priceless". The billboards appeared in the
Los Angeles and shed light on the advantages of using MasterCard, such as access to exclusive culinary events, cultural and sporting adventures. This campaign is a great influence on the people by acting on their desire and need to have.

Promotions Campaign
Promotion World MasterCard credit cards, where you can win a trip to Antarctica. To promote World MasterCard anyone who makes transactions by the brand in any amount and record it on the site worldpromocja.pl can win a trip to Antarctica. You can register any number of transactions, increasing your chances of winning. Ads encourage expeditions to Antarctica to feel like an explorer ice land of penguins, highlighting - in accordance with the MasterCard brand slogan - it is priceless. Each of us wants experience an unforgettable adventure in your life, and thanks to MasterCard card it is possible, you just need to have it and do some shopping.

Feel like an explorer ice land of penguins: Priceless.

Thank You
Your Attention

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