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Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka

No description

nickolaus mp

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka By Nickolaus MP and Ben Martin Serial Killers Childhood Paul Bernardo's dad (Kenneth Bernardo) was abusive toward his mom and siblings
In 1975, Kenneth was charged with child molestation and also sexually abused his own daughter
Despite Paul's poisoned home life, he was well mannered and exceeded in school
In Pauls later years, he attended the University of Toronto and studied to be an accountant
he had many girlfriends throughtout his young adult years and ended being abusive towards all of them In 1987, Paul Bernardo met his long term partner Karla Homolka, and unlike his previous girlfreinds, she encouraged his dark sadistic sexual behaviors Bernardo committed multiple sexual assualts between 1987-1991 in and around the scarbourough area
Between May and September 1990, the police had submitted more than 130 suspects' samples for DNA testing when they received two reports that the person they were seeking was Paul Bernardo
Bernardo was interviewed in 1990 for 35 minutes because he resembled the composite, but athuorities came to the conclusion that Paul Bernardo did not commit the offences because such a well educated and credibel person would not do such a thing Scarbourough Rapist Partners Paul Bernardo did not work alone. Him and his accomplice Karl Komolka worked together on many rapes and three murders.
they also shared many dark sexual fantacies and video taped the rapes and murders they commited Paul Bernardo and Karla homolka comited three murders.
All three victims wereing women in thier early teens Victims Tammy Homolka
Leslie Mahaffy
Kristen French Tammy was Karla's sister
On December 23rd 1990, paul and karla gave tammy sleeping pills and she shortly passed out
the couple video taped them selves performing sexual acts on the 15 year old girl
Tammy started throwing up well she was passed out which lead to the couple calling 911.
Tammy was pronouced dead at the hostpital
everyone was convinced that she died due to choking on her vomit Tammy Homolka 14 year old girl
Abducted early in the moring on June 15 1991
she was blind folded and taken to Port Dalhousie where Karla was waiting
The couple video taped them selves raping the child
The girl's blind fold came off causing her to see what Paul and Karla looked like
They killed the girl so she would not able to identify them
The cut up her body, put it in cement and the took the blocks to the dump
remains were found on June 29 Leslie Mahaffy 15 years old
Abducted in a parking lot while walking home from school on April 16 1992
Karla distracted the girl b asking for directions while Paul attacked her from behind
Over three days of the easter weekend, the couple video taped themselves tourture, rape, and sodemized the girl
They intended to kill her from the begining because they had never blind foulded her
Paul strangled the girl for 7 minutes
her remains were found in a ditch 45 minutes from St. Cathrines Kriston French The couple only abducted young girls
The three that the murdered were between 14 and 15 years old
Two of the abductions were at night but one was in the moring and took place in St. Cathrines
The girls were all white
They gave all their victems large amouts of alcohal Methods Thr trails for Paul and Karla's murdered took place in 1995
The trial included detailed testimonies from Karla and many of the videos tapes of what the couple recorded
The trial was subjected to publication ban in Canada but not in the USA
The trial was moved to Toronto for a venue change
Paul Bernardo Claimed that all the deaths were accidental and they were all the doing of his wife Karla Trial September 1 1995 Paul Bernardo was convicted on several offences
3, 2nd degree murder charges
2 agrivated sexual assult charges Conviction Paul was sentacned to life in prison without parol for 25 years
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