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CISV Japan

CISV trip is July27th-August31st. Leah

Camryn Scarfe

on 5 July 2010

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Transcript of CISV Japan

CISV This year I am going to Japan. I will be leaving on the 25th because we have to leave 2 days early to meet the two boys coming with us that live in Vancouver! The other girl is Leah. she lives in Lloydminister but is triving down here. I will be back on the 31st of August! 2010 We will be doing Peace activites and fun games such as"Big Butty" and"The Pony Song"!!! There is no possible way I would be going to Japan with out Doris Allen, the founder os CISV!!! "We must start with the children." ~ Dr. Doris Allen

Following the devastation of World War II, many people were focusing on initiatives to build and maintain peace. One particular idea caught the attention of child psychologist, Dr. Doris Allen. It was a proposal for a UNESCO peace education institute for postgraduates from many disciplines. The idea for Children's International Summer Villages (today known as CISV International) was conceived by Dr. Allen in 1946. As a specialist in growth and development, Dr. Allen, could not agree that the focus for peace education should be in the field of adult learning. She firmly believed that “the ultimate source for peace, long range, lay with the children.”
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