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The Magic Potion

No description

Lili Georges

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of The Magic Potion

The Magic Potion By Lili Georges Once upon a time, in the middle of earth, was an empty cottage in the center of an abandoned Woods. It’s trees surrounded by falling branches, the air moist and sticky. No one has ever really traveled there, because people told myths about an evil witch named Razziel... who apparently shrunk everyone who trespassed her nice little cottage, and put them into a little bottle, trapping them forever underground. Even though these stories caused fear for everyone that heard them, there was always that one person who was braver than the others. Heidi was one of these people. She was adventurous, kind, and high spirited. She was always outgoing, and she was super curious. Even though she has these qualities, they often lead into trouble. So one day, when the sun was shining brightly onto the forest floor, Heidi went for an adventure. She crept on the uneven ground until her hands met a broken down door. It was the door that would lead into Razziel's cottage. She crept in, only to find a small room dimly lit, empty. She went further into the house and started to explore, interested. Her eyes wandered the dusty cavern, and they landed upon a bottle with a purple liquid bubbling. She slowly wandered over, and snatched it into her hands inspecting it. “What is this?” she said aloud, to absolutely no one. The liquid swayed back and forth, and one drop spilled out and collapsed to the floor. Once it impacted the wood, immediately it transformed into a... a huge chocolate chip cookie. Heidi jumped back surprised. Not only to see a cookie come out of nowhere from wood weird, she was also desiring one right that moment. “What?” Heidi asked, confused. She knelt down to the cookie and snapped off a piece, and took a small bite. Once the bittersweet chocolate entered her mouth, she couldn't resist eating more. Once she was done eating the delicious good, she focused in on the bottle. “How could have that happened? Me wanting a cookie, and it just magically appearing?” she wondered. She stared at the bottle. “I want... a motorcycle, with an included helmet,” she chuckled. She kept on thinking that and grabbed the bottle. Tipping it over a chair until one drop fell out, she watched as it turned into a bright metallic red bike. On the handle was a white helmet. Heidi laughed excited. “The things I can do with this,” she exclaimed. She held the bottle up in front of her face. She slowly walked up to the bike, and jumped on. Feeling the leather against her skin, she strapped on her helmet, capped the bottle with a cork, and sped off and out of the cottage, a huge roar of an engine leaving behind in her trail. As Heidi left, Razziel crept out of a corner from the inside of her cottage. She grinned. To her, everything worked perfectly. She knew someone would invade her small little home. She knew someone would take that bottle, and use it for their own good. And that person was Heidi. “A unlimited supply of chocolate, a huge closet of clothes, a glimmering convertible!!” Heidi skipped around in front of her school friends, pouring more of the liquid. They all stood in awe.
“Where... where did you get that?” asked a boy named David. He pointed to the bottle. “None of your business,” she taunted, thinking of more things to make pop out of nowhere. Everyone started to doubt knowing about the potion.
“Uh, Heidi. I wouldn't use that all at once,” spoke David again really softly. She ignored him. When she stopped to gaze at all of her new goodies, the bottle was almost half empty. “Heidi,” said a voice in the crowd. It was in a warning tone.
“Why are you guys so worried? It’s not like anything bad is going to happen,” Heidi said gleefully.
“Well, you're using it all at once. It’s kind of stupid,” David said shrugging. Heidi quickly turned to David, her anger going a little too far. She doesn't like being called stupid. She did a terrible action before she could even think. She thought, “David turns into a kangaroo,” She tilted the bottle until another drop fell out and landed on the ground. Immediately David’s face turned stout and his skin turned into fur. He started to jump around Everyone stood in shock. David jumped all around the group.
“Heidi!” scolded a girl in the crowd. Heidi grasped the bottle, and started to understand what she just did.
“Uh, uh, I’ll just redo what I did,” stammered Heidi, thinking to change David to normal. After she dropped the potion, nothing happened. She tried over and over and still nothing. “No no no!” she shouted. “Nice Heidi,”
“Good one,”
“You are so in trouble,”
All the voices stumbled around in her head and she started to freak out.
“That is like... illegal,” said another voice.
David the Kangaroo hopped over and looked at Heidi straight in the face. His eyes showed the real David. She scrambled away and started to run out of the school towards her bike. She jumped on and speeded off towards Razziel’s cottage. “I have to get rid of this, I have to,” she muttered to herself. She swung open the door and briskly walked into the cottage and set down the bottle, and when she started to walk out, a hand grabbed her wrist.
“Not so fast,” growled Razziel. Heidi froze. The witch turned Heidi around and started to speak. “You're not leaving here, your new home is going to be underground. Since you trespassed my home, you will regret it,” “I- I don’t understand,” Heidi mumbled, trying to get away from Razziel. She shut the door behind Heidi and stormed away, grabbing another flask. She kept pouring the liquid into other bottles. Heidi slowly crept over to the purple bottle and snatched off the table she put it on.
She thought, “Turn this witch into a frog,” She poured the liquid onto the ground and instantly the evil witch shrunk in size and turned green. Heidi dropped the bottle and when it came into impact with the ground, many things happened. Heidi ran out trying to flee, and she didn't turn back around. She learned the hard way not to take advantage of other people. The End The End The End
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