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Introducing Ubuntu

Our introduction to ubuntu: exploring our connectivity!

Campus Ubuntu

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Introducing Ubuntu

Is ubuntu only found in South Africa?

Noun: recognition of one's identity through another
Verb: to celebrate and cherish our differences
The science of ubuntu
The Zulu greeting:
"I see you" .. "I am here"..
What is ubuntu?
N‘konson konson

South African humanity or fellow feeling; kindness
Anthropologist studying children of Zulu Nation in South Africa
An African Story
Basket of fruit - 1st one wins them all
Children took each others hands and ran together to share the prize
Why did they do this?
How can one of us be happy if all the others are sad?"
"Hey, how are you?" .. "Good, and you?"
"Did you sleep well?"
"I slept well if you slept well"
Humans share 67% of our DNA with trees!
The basic elements of the universe, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, make up 96% of humans!
('Stardust Revolution', Jacob Berkowitz, 2012)
The University of Geneva discovered:
Our nervous systems "resonate" with the experiences of others.

We "can no longer see our minds as so independent, separate and isolated” but continually interacting in an unconscious dialogue with anyone we interact with.
Thus, we are "wired" to understand feelings and intentions of others, resulting in inner experiences mirroring what we see others doing (“human Wi-Fi”)
(Incas of Peru)
Akinna waya (Ojibway)
Donato ahkwekhon (Iroquois)
René Descartes

"Cogito ergo sum"
("I think therefore I am")
'Father of Modern Philosophy'
("I am because we are")
"A person is a person through
other people."
The Ubuntu model is an indigenous philosophy
and it comes to us from South Africa.
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu
"Ubuntu is very difficult to render into a Western language...
It is to say: 'My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in what is yours' ".
(No Future Without Forgiveness: A Personal Overview of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission , Desmond Tutu, 2000)
In striving to be kind to neighbours
and those in need, we feel kinship
with our Christian brothers and
What does 'tolerance' mean to you?

(wedding service "On this day, I thee
Introducing Ubuntu
In striving to obey the Ten
Commandments, we feel
kinship with our Jewish
brothers and sisters.
In striving to surrender myself
completely to God, we feel kinship
with our Muslim brothers and sisters.
In the recognition that wisdom
flows from the enlightened
masters, we feel kindship with
our Sikh brothers and sisters.
In respect and reverence for nature that
sustains us, we feel kinship with our
aboriginal brothers and sisters.
In striving to be compassionate
to creatures great and small, we
feel kinship with our Buddhist
brothers and sisters.
In feeling that these and more
are paths to the same Divinity
we feel kinship with our Hindu
brothers and sisters.
In our love and laughter, joy and
pain, we feel kinship with all fellow
sentient beings.
In remembering that serving
people should be the goal of
religion, we feel kinship with
our Bahai brothers and sisters.
Multiculturalism (tolerance)
(put up with?)
Inter-culturalism (dialogue)
(concern is treating others
as a commodity)
Intra-culturalism (relationships of solidarity)
caring, connecting, loving, enjoying, learning
Anthony Bailey
Do we share an identity with nature?
The spirituality of ubuntu
Ubuntu aspires for a world:
Where the rich diversity in cultural heritage is something to be cherished and shared - a wonderful gift to each other!
Where our identities and aspirations are never seen to be in competition, but to be reflecting and complimenting one another
See you 12pm Tuesdays at Raithby House!
It is not the Cartesian model of Western thought!
Idle No More
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