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We Need Heroes: Information on Joseph Campbell's Monomyth and Research Project Introduction

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Sofie Blount

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of We Need Heroes: Information on Joseph Campbell's Monomyth and Research Project Introduction

Click the below link to access your socrative quiz. Also called Monomyth. What is the Hero's Journey? Compare this diagram to the diagram given in the video. How are they different? How are they similar? Joseph Campbell's 17 Stages of
The Monomyth Before we can read The Odyssey, we need to understand what a hero is... You will be completing one of the following research projects: Choice 1 Examples of the Hero's
Journey in Pop Culture Star Wars

http://www.mythologyteacher.com/documents/HeroJourneyStarWars.pdf http://m.socrative.com/student/#joinRoom by Ms. Blount The Hero's Journey Made famous by Joseph Campbell create a Prezi or a Power Point about a fictional character and how they fit Campbell's Monomyth. You will need to map out each step and explain in detail how the character you have chosen follows the hero's journey. Choice 2 Who is a real-life hero that you know and admire? They can be someone famous or a family member or friend. You will write a two to three page, double spaced paper on how this person qualifies as a hero to you. Choice 3 Write a short story, journal entries, or graphic novel (comic book) about an original character you create. Your original character will complete Campbell's hero's journey. You will have to do research on Campbell's monomyth and on another aspect of your story. Choice 4 Who is a real-life celebrity who is classified as a hero by many, but you find to be less than a hero? Write a three to five page, double-spaced paper about someone you think does not meet the qualifications of a hero. This cannot be a "bashing" fest. You need to use solid evidence, including supporting details. You also have to use school appropriate language. The Lion King

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