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Jaci Howard

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Merchants

By: River Hayden Morgan
A merchant's journey would be a long, tiresome journey. Merchants would go from castle to castle selling their goods. Sometimes a merchant would stay at one castle and live there. A lot of merchant's journeys would not end.
Merchants Journey
A merchant's life would be tiresome. A lot of merchants died traveling because of barbarians attacking them. Most merchants traveled a long way without stopping then would take a big rest. A lot of merchants would stop at castles to take a rest. All merchants set up a stand sort of thing to put all of their trades or goods on that they're selling. Lots of merchant's lives would be taken seriously.
A Merchant's Life
Merchant's Job
A merchant's job sometimes got hard. Some merchants did not get money for their goods. Some merchants just liked to trade. A merchant's job was trade and sell their goods to the peasants. A merchant's job starts at a young age. They were hard working and respected their jobs. That was a merchant's job and what the did with their job.

Selling and Trades
Merchants liked to sell and trade that is basiclly their job. They would make their supplies and crafted merchandise. Most of the time merchants traded their belongings and crafts. Some merchants would over price some of their belongings. They would mange thier prices using an abacus.
Merchant's Homes
A merchant's home was either in the manor or they don't live anywhere. If a merchant ends up living in the manor they set up their stands in the manor, (like always) but, they also have a house in the manor. If they don't have a home the travel the lands stopping from manor to manor now and then.
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