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MC - RECITUS - English

Comment intégrer les TIC dans le programme du monde contemporain.

Paul Rombough

on 11 June 2010

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Transcript of MC - RECITUS - English

The Contemporary
World How to integrate ICT in The Program Defines the problem Interprets a contemporary world problem Analyzes the problem Considers the problem as a whole Takes a position on a contemporary world issue Examines some points of view on the issue Considers the media treatment of the issue Debates the issue Considers opportunities for social action Search results from Google News (Image version) Climatic changes Up to you to interpret the results! The themes http://news.google.ca/ Tensions and conflicts www.lignedutemps.qc.ca Consuming nations Producing nations Wealth Power Economic associations Economics Environment Popu ation http://www.wolframalpha.com/ cnn / facebook / twitter maps.google.com Concentration Follow current news? At the rate things change how to Collective intelligence Result of interaction and knowledge / skills of a collective community. Source : Wikipédia Follow the news through images Consult the latest news according to theme The world: today up to the hour news Up to the minute news The news updated each second.... Environment Population Tensions and conflicts Power Wealth Share interesting articles with other users Recommended articles with commentary Share your news page with your students Access to ICT folders Research on the Diversify the production of A tool that permits you to frame student research Personalize your page Internet students www.recitus.qc.ca/mondecontemporain ICT folders How to vary the students' processes. Have you ever thought of using podcasts as sources of information? Podcasting Can your students ubmit a professional looking written document? Word processing Slideshow Did you know you can present a slideshow online using Google Docs or Prezi? Blog Are your students aware of how to protect their own personal information? Image Have you ever considered using the image as a way of synthesizing learning? Mind map Are your students able to understand the concepts you introduce? Can they relate them to one another? Video Have it occured to you that your students already have all of what it takes to make a video documentary? docs.google.com/ www.prezi.com ICT Folder Plan a research task Plan a research task Guide student process to allow more time and freedom for other tasks Une question de départ
Une intention de recherche Mots clés : acteurs, lieux, événements, concepts, etc. Collect and process information Select pertinent documents Analyze documents Position a document Re-examine your process Who Where type of document concepts data Evaluate your effectiveness List your difficulties Improve your process RÉCIT de l'univers social www.recitus.qc.ca/mondecontemporain http://www.lignedutemps.qc.ca/s986/lecture Guiding
question Actors Events Places Concepts Create a database with Google Formula http://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages Facebook.com / twitter.com / youtube.com / blogger.com Why ICT is unavoidable in the Contemporary World? Frame and guide the student to leave more free time for other tasks.
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