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International Student Recruitment

The Six Essential Questions

Elle Shroyer

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of International Student Recruitment

Is involved?
Recruitment (PSS)
Office of Admissions
International Student Services
Center for English as a Second Language
Housing & Food
Are we recruiting?
CESL students
Sponsored Students
Student Interns
Exchange students
Because we have a ton of data telling us to.
Creating a strategic recruitment plan
Tracking return of investment from recruitment
Developing reports that will provide recruitment trends & project retention

Contact Info
Elle Shroyer - elle.shroyer@ou.edu

Sarah Highsaw - sdysart@ou.edu

International Student Recruitment:
The Six Essential Questions

Increase number of international students on campus by...
Develop policies, procedures, programs & resources across campus that will support the needs of the growing population of international applicants & students by...
Collaborating with colleges & departments across campus
Locating existing resources & developing specific activities & programs on & off campus
It's the little things...
Airport meet & greet
Pre-arrival communication
Introduction to the American Collegiate Experience
Cross campus collaboration
CESL to degree
Face-to-face visits
Cost share
Flexibility in application deadlines
Quick turnaround on admissions decisions
Quick issuance of I-20/DS-2019
Scholarships/tuition waivers
Special programs
Student interns
Sponsored students
Single Point of Contact
Brazilian sponsored students
Reciprocal Exchange
Conferences & trainings for faculty & staff
Alumni networking
Study Abroad
University of Oklahoma in Arezzo
OU Nanjing Admissions Office
Undergraduate 2+2 Programs
Nanjing University, Shanghai University
Graduate 3+2 Programs
Universite Blaise Pascal
Cultural events (programming)
OU Cousins
International Perspectives Workshops
Career Service Workshops
Academic Integrity Training
Dating in the US Workshop
Athletic programs - meet the team, football 101
Resident Hall Cultural Night
International food options in the cafeteria
International/domestic suite mates (2+2)

In 2012-2013, 819,644 international students studied at U.S. colleges and universities.
The United States is projected to be the largest and fastest-growing destination for foreign students over the next decade.
~British Council's Education Intelligence
International students provide a key source of talent for U.S. employers and are crucial to enhancing the ability of U.S. universities to conduct research and offer high quality academic programs to US. students. International students also provide cultural and foreign policy benefits to the United States and are an important and inexpensive way to promote American ideas and values abroad.
~National Foundation for American Policy, July 2013
In 2012-2013 international students contributed over 24 billion dollars to the U.S. economy through their expenditures on tuition and living expenses.
~U.S. Department of Commerce
Ask questions!
WHAT: What are your goals? What is the mission of your university? How will they enhance your university and the experience of your students?

WHO: What are the essential departments that need to be involved? Who are you recruiting?

WHY: Why is it important for YOUR university to recruit international students? What is important to your department, other departments and colleges on your campus? What is important to your university president?

WHERE: Where are our current international students from? What do they study? What are the current trends?

WHEN: What are the best times of year for travel for each department involved? When you cannot travel are there other options to recruit in your city/state/region? What are the virtual options?

HOW: Be STRATEGIC! What is your budget? Whose support do you have? What are other departments doing? How can current traveling faculty, staff and students participate?

For further information on collaborating across campus, please attend:

Collaborating Across Campus: International Student Programming

during the Concurrent Session II at 10:45am in this room!
...to provide the best possible educational experience for our students
through excellence in teaching, research and creative activity, and service to the state and society.
-The University of Oklahoma mission statement
International Recruitment
Prospective Student Services
Office of Admissions
International Student Services
Alumni Association
Center for English as a Second Language
Housing and Food Services

On your campus!
English Language Centers
High Schools and Universities
Embassies & Cultural Offices
Virtual Recruitment Fairs
International Recruitment Fairs
Offices Involved...
Who to recruit?
Sponsored Students

The data speaks for itself.
Shoestring strategies
Social Media
On campus events
High schools
Community colleges
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