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Urban Flooding

No description

Lindsay Damici

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Urban Flooding

Population Increase Urbanization Houston, TX Columbus, OH
Scioto River Fargo, ND
Red River Dublin, Ireland
River Liffey Climate Change Increased Housing Impervious Ground Technology Floods before and after urbanization Urban flooding hazard increases as impervious area increases Impact Effects of Flooding Primary Effects Secondary Effects Injury Death Damage and Destruction
of Property Water Pollution Diseases Displacement of people Interruption of Social & Economic Activities Urban Flooding Thesis: Why do the effects of floods increase in urbanized areas and intensify when located near or by streams and rivers. Hydrology of UnUrbanized Land How do we prevent this? Example: Retention Ponds Dampens the peak of the flood, and delays the timeing. Very expensive method. Uses extra land, and very few old urban areas use it.
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