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Sam Levine

on 29 March 2012

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Transcript of Frankenstein

Mary Shelley Sam Levine To Mrs. Saville, England Robert Wallton on his exploration to the North Pole, Wrote many letters to his sister (Margaret Saville) about his lack of companionship. On August 5th, he writes that his ship stalled; it is surrounded by ice and a strange mist. As the fog cleared he and his crew found a gigantic human-like creature hauling a sledge. The next day they find another man on a sledge with all but one of the dogs dead. This man is Victor Frankenstein. The Crew takes him on the ship, and Frankenstin begins to tell his story-- Victor Frankenstein Grew up in Geneva with his father, Alphose; his mother, Caroline; his best friend Henry Clerval; and his adopted Italian sister Elizabeth. Anatomy buildng at the University of Ingolstadt Frankenstein goes and attends the University of Ingolstadt where he becomes interested in the recreation of life. He then learns all about the human body and life in order to pursue his dream. Life! Frankenstein makes quick progress in his studies, neglecting his outside life. One night, during a thunderstorm, he brings his creature to life and is alarmed by its horrile ugly appearance. Frankenstein falls asleep and encounters nightmares of his dead mother and of Elizabeth.The next day he leaves his apartment and comes across Henry. They go back to the apartment to find that the creature has escaped. Franenstein immedialely becomes sick, and remains in his ill state for months. Later, Frankenstein learns that his youngest brother, William, has been murdered. Frankenstein goes back home and finds his creature in the woods. He realizes that his monster is responsible for the murder and immedeately feals guilty for the murder of his brother. However, a girl who once lived with the Frankenstein family, named Justine Moritz, was accused of the murder. At the court trial, she pleaded guilty and is executed, although she was innocent. Alphonse Takes his children to their house in Belrive after the execution in the hopes of cheering them up. Victor then visits the Montanvert Summit to observe the nature and the landscape, and the creature approaches Frankenstein. He curses off the monster, but is still persuaded to go inside an ice cave with him. In the cave, the creature tell Victor of his life story. He tells how in his search of food, all humans run away from him in fear, so eventually he decided to stay away from people. He later decides to live in a small shanty by a cottage, which is the home of an old, blind man, a young man, and a young woman. The monster steals the food from the cottage to live and learns their language and how to read. Then, after months pass, he decides to introduce himself to the old man, who wouldn't judge his uglinsess, while his children were at work. The old man, De Lacey, welcomes the monster, but his children arrive home early and throw him out of the cottage, horrified of the creature's looks. After this event, the creature wishes to get revenge on all human beings. He leaves the place in which he had been staying and comes across a gril who appears to be drowning. He rescues the girl, and the man who she was with, shot at the monster. The monster approaches Geneva and finds a little boy in the forest. The boy meantions that his dad is Alponse Frankenstein, so the monster becomes angry and strangles the boy to death. He finds a picture of Caroline Frankenstein in the boys pocket and places it on Justine Moritz in her sleep, which is why she was convicted of the murder. The creature then finishes his story and explains to Victor that if he creates another creature as a female companion, then the murders will stop. At first Victor refuses, thinking about the distruction that the existant monster had caused. Victor finally agrees to create a female creature. In the process of creating the female monster, Victor understands that he needs to travel to England to complete the project. Meanwhile, Alponse notices that Victor is depressed and suggests that he marries Elizabeth right away. Victor then asked his father if he can travel to England first and says yes. They planned a two year trip, and Henry Clerval decides to join them. In Scotland, Victor leaves Clerval and goes to an isolated island where he sets up a laboratory in a shack to complete his creation. While working on his project, Victor imagines the new creature thinking that the other one is hidious as it is, or the two creature creating a new race. He sees the monster outside his window and decides to destroy his work. After receiving a letter from Clerval the next night stating that they should continue traveling, Victor takes a boat out into the ocean and dumps the remains of his progress. Frankenstein falls alseep on the boat and awakes far out at sea. When the winds shift he is brought to a shore. The people greet him angerly, tell him that he is convicted of a murder, and is brought to the town magastrate, Mr. Kirwin. The magistrate shows Victor the body so he can see Victor's reaction. Frankenstein is shocked to see that the body is Henry Clerval's, and he falls ill for two months. Victor is put into prison and remains there while he recovers. Alphonse comes to visit Victor and stays with him until the trial where he is proven innocent of the murder. They then leave to go back to Geneva. May 18th 17--
Alphonse and Victor stop in Paris on their way back, and Victor receives a letter from Elizabeth, which shows her concern and asks if he is in love with another woman. Victor respons saying that she is the only sourse of his happiness. He remembered a treat of the monster and thought that he was going to attack him on his wedding night, so Victor is determinded to fight back. When the Frankensteins arrive back at Geneva, Victor tells Elizabeth about the creature and what he intends to do to it. The night of the wedding, Victor tells Elizabeth to go to bed, so she doesn't have to see him fight the creature. As he searches for the monster, he hears Elizabeth's scream. He then realizes that the monster had never intended to kill him. He opened the bedroom door to find Elizabeth's body and no monster. Alphonse Frankenstein

Victor informs his father of Elizabeth's death who becomes stricken with shock and dies within a few days. Victor agrees to devote the rest of his life to killing the monster now that his entire family is gone. Victor leaves Geneva and closely hunts the monster, who leaves taunting clues behind for him. He continues north on his sledge and eventually meets Walton. "You live, and my power is complete. Follow me; I seek the everlasting ices of the north, where you will feel the miseryofcold and frost to which I am impassive..." Victor tells Walton of his story and about his monster. The men of the crew care for Victor and try to convince Walton to turn back to Britain. Victor tells them to continue on their journey, but they decide to turn around, and Victor dies. A few days later Walton finds the creature greaving over the death of his creator. He explains to Walton how he has lived in despair and regrets how he has killed so many people. The creature then says he is ready to die, and he disappears off the ship. When Victor is seventeen, his mother falls ill with scarlet fever, after nursing Elizabeth who previously had the illness. Before she dies she asks Elizabeth and Victor to get married.
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