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Stopping Distances

No description

Ishmael Roslan

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Stopping Distances

Stopping Distances Starter Is there anything you can add to yours?

Do so in a different colour. In groups of 4, make a spider diagram. Look at the diagrams
of other groups. How would you calculate
total stopping distance? What affects how long it
takes to bring a car to rest? The Car Why do Formula 1 cars use slick tyres? (no tread) What is the relationship between speed and thinking distance? What is the relationship between speed and braking distance? AP if you get one that another group doesn't! (Tip: What happens to thinking distance if the speed doubles?) Thinking Distance + Braking Distance Thinking Distance is proportional to Speed
Braking Distance is proportional to Speed Squared Thinking Distance Braking Distance Brakes Road Conditions Tyres Speed Tiredness Alcohol Drugs Mobile Phone Cigarettes Distractions Distance - Time Graphs Speed - Time Graphs Forces and Motion Work and Power Kinetic Energy Car Safety Terminal Velocity Rollercoasters Explain how certain factors can increase stopping distance.

Explain the implications of stopping distances in road safety

Explain the effects of increased speed on Thinking and Braking Distance Learning Objectives Mass of Car What can you remember? Name 3 factors that
affect thinking distance? How do tyres affect braking distance? True or False?
The lighter the car, the slower it stops. Why do roads have different speed limits? What is the formula for stopping distance? True or False?
Braking Distance is proportional to speed. True or False?
All of the factors to do with thinking distance are related to reaction time
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