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Ms. Priester's summer school

Joseph Bakhit

on 6 July 2011

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Transcript of Narrator

Narrator Project First-person point of view is when the narrator tells the story of himself using words such as I or myself. Third-person ominiscent point of view is when the narrator plays no part in the story. But can tell us what all the characters are thinking and feeling, as well as what happens in the past and future. I'm standing there tired and looking at my teamates. They didn't look like they wanted to participate. Then I noticed Isaac G. dribbling the ball down towards my basket. I notice that he is about to shoot it, so I nearly swat him. His team was now up by one point. I was now angry and turned my game on. I ended making a four point streak but we were only up by three and Isaac made another two pointer. Only up by one and I'm the only one practically playing by now. So now I pass it to a girl in my class (I don't even know her name), and she got it stolen by the other team. And with just my luck there it was another two-pointer. It is basically five on one, because no one on my team is good. I shut down the guy I was playing defense on, but I had no help. Another reason why we were about to lose is because they cheated. Isaac called like eight fouls, but I guess he doesn't understand it's a man's game. Oh well, I know I am better than him. THE END JOSEPH B BY: JOSEPH B. & ISAAC G. Today in San Pasqual Academy's P.E. class there was a great basketball game. The two captains were Isaac and Joseph and here are some highlights. Joseph's team up by one and Isaac gives Joseph a nice facial at the three pointer and now they're up by one. Joseph hogs the next couple plays and scores a four point streak which leaves the game at a three point lead in favor to Joseph's team. Isaac takes the ball down court and Joseph nearly fouls him, but doesn't and Isaac made another three. Only up by one Joseph passes the ball to Vanessa. Isaac steals the ball from her almost instantly, and OH MY GOSH! Another two pointer. The game winning shot made by Isaac G. Anothoer three with a summary of fifteen points five rebounds, and 2 steals. Joseph with a summary of nine points, 11 rebounds, and five steals. Isaac hit nine out of fifteen of these points on the free-throw line and Joseph with four of the fouls. Narrators can influence a story! You asked how? Well, a narrator is or can be biast due to his opinions. He can exagerate lie and just not be reliable. A narrator can change a whole story and make it look as if it wasn't his fault, or it was he who was right when in reality it is the opposite. Period ONE
7/1/11 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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