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Emily !!!

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of Dictatorships

Pros and Cons
A Military Dictatorship is a form of government where in the political power resides with the military. It is similar but not identical to a Stratocracy, a state ruled directly by the military. Like any dictatorship, a military dictatorship may be official or unofficial, and as a result may not actually qualify as Stratocratic. Mixed forms also exist, where the military exerts a very strong influence without being entirely dominant.
Adolf Hitler
Countries and their Dictators
Cuba= Fidel Castro
Burma= Than Shwe
Russia= Joseph Stalin
Vietnam= Ho Chi Minh
North Korea= Kim Jon Un ll

By: Emily, Julia, and Bre
Timeline of Adolf Hitler
-If the dictator knows what is best for the country, then he or she will make the right decisions.
-Laws that will help the country will get passed faster.
-Good dictators will be able to serve for a very long time.

-The dictator can abuse his or her privaleges and do unfair things.
-There is the risk of unfair laws being made.
-Unfair punishment can be instituted such as death over public hatred for the dictator.
History of Dictatorships
The position dictator once had a very different meaning from how we think of it today. It was first created by the Roman Senate in 510 B.C. for emergency purposes, such as taking care of rebellions. During the time of the Republic, Rome was ruled by two consuls, and the Senate decided that in some cases it was necessary to have a single person making decisions. Sometimes, one of the consuls became dictator.
April 20th, 1889- Adolf Hitler is born in Braunau am Inn in the empire of Austria-Hungary.
1914- World War l starts and Hitler volunteers in the German Army.
1920- Hitler is discharged from the army and joins the German Worker’s Party. He renames it to the National Socialist German Workers Party,(or Nazi for short)
1921- Hitler becomes leader of the Nazi Party
1923- Hitler is charged for treason and serves 9 months in prison
January 1933- Hitler becomes chancellor of a coalition government
1940- The Nazis occupy Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium and France. Romania and Yugoslavia are invaded.
July 1944- Hitler survives an assassination attempt by Colonel Stauffenberg,
30 April 1945- Hitler commits suicide with his wife of two days, Eva Braun; their bodies are believed to have been cremated.

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Military Dictatorship
Adolf Hitler was married for 40 hours to Eva Braun. She then committed suicide. Eva swallowed poison two minutes before Hitler took his own life. She was 23 and Hitler was 56.
Dictatorship Laws and Facts
The name Adolf means noble wolf

Hitler had only one sibling that survived childhood, Paula (1896-1960).
Consuls= an official appointed by a government to live in a foreign city and protect and promote the government's citizens and interests there.
Hitler never visited a single concentration camp.
Hitler suffered chronic flatulence and took 28 different drugs to fight it.
Hitler led the first public anti-smoking campaign in modern history.
During First World War, a British soldier spared the life of a wounded German: Adolf Hitler.

Hitler was a Vegetarian and created laws
against animal cruelty.
Hitler was saved from drowning by a priest when he was 4 years old.
Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939.
As a child, Hitler wanted to be a priest.
Ruled by a dictator who seizes power and rules for life
One political party which is the Communist Party
Laws are created by dictators and have to be enforced
If they are not followed there are serious punishments
When laws are being created their is no input from any citizens

Chronic Flatulence= The presence of excessive gas
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