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Semantic Grammatical Level

No description

Hannah Mae Kirsten Quisquis

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of Semantic Grammatical Level

(From the ancient Greek sēmanaikós, “significant”) is the study of meaning.
It focuses on the relation between signifiers, like word, phrases, sign and symbols and what they stand for, their denotation.

a. [with grammatical meaning] "The purple lights leap down the hill before him."

grammatical level
The meaning that is conveyed by word order and other grammatical signals.
Linguists distinguish grammatical meaning from lexical meaning (or denotation)--the dictionary meaning of an individual word.

Semantic Grammatical Level
However when a special order is given to these words, grammatical meaning is created because of the relationships they have to one another.
thank you..
Words grouped together randomly have little meaning on their own, unless it occurs accidentally.

a. [without grammatical meaning] Lights the leap him before the down hill purple.
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