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Welcome to ZARA stores

No description

sahla abbas

on 14 December 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to ZARA stores

Welcome to ZARA stores

Group members:
Sara Abdulraziq
Rasha Basim
Rahaf Hassn
Mariam Almansoori
Khawla Al Sauari

A Spanish brand that was founded in 1975
The founder s are Amancio and Rosalia Mera.
It is one of the largest retail store chains all over the world.
ZARA stores are located in around 86 countries.

Zara's strengths

0.Variety of products, versatility and quickest business cycle.
0.Developed the Just-in-time production and delivery system
0.Delivering the ordered products within 24 to 48 hours.
0.Differentiate the value-added activities with the non-value added activities
0.They offer trendy and stylish products

Resaerch questions?

How many warehouses do you have to stock the items?
How do you keep your suppliers always on stand-by to provide material on orders?
How long does it take to complete production cycle normally?
How many stores do you have in UAE or planning to open soon in the country?
How is this store chain different in UAE as compared to other parts of the world?
What is the public’s response for your products?
What are your preferable market segments?

Direct interviews
Online search
Data Analysis

Zara does not have any proper outsourced staff.

They move more than 2.5 millions of items per week from one part of the world to other, in order to fulfil the orders.

They follow JIT stocking

Total time of keeping goods in warehouses never exceed 72 hours in any case

They don’t have any allocated budget for any kind of advertising.

Zara has many world wide competitors that offer clothes belongs to all age of groups.

Quickest deliveries for customers with the most affordable prices.

^.Zara is not compared by their quality and uniqueness of services.

^.They have clear cost cuts and as a result a product is offered to the customers at very affordable rates.

^.These products are tailored by keeping in view the requirements of the customers.

^.Zara stores directly target the satisfaction of their customers.

^.The effective JIT inventory system and fast logistic system are the key indicators that lead to a successful business


Assuring local manufacturing

Maintaining the quality

Improving the supply chain

Management information system

Targeting new markets


Research & development

.It is never easy to sustain the quality
.Its important for ZARA to keep working on their image
.ZARA stores has a strong competitive advantage in the UAE’s market as they offer the best quality at affordable prices.
.We were pleased to work with each other, finding information about ZARA wasn’t easy, but the collaboration was our key
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