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I Have Lived a Thousand Years

Hannah Gros, Erin O'Connor, Marcela Lebrija, and Katie Dickerson

Marcela Lebrija

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of I Have Lived a Thousand Years

I Have Lived a Thousand Years
Katie Dickerson
Hannah Gros:
Marcela Lebrija
The color
represents Elli and her true feelings throughout the novel. This color seems very strong and intense but if you look deeper you see the true beauty, just like Elli. As Elli might seem very damaged and scary, if you look deeper she is just as beautiful and strong.
Elli Friedmann
Elli's best qualities are her bravery and defiance.
'I jump at the tall, husky woman and shove her against the wall. "Leave my mother alone! Don't you see you are going to break her arm?" -I have committed the unthinkable, the unforgivable. I attacked an SS officer-' (page 124)
Elli's worst quality is her love and weakness for her mother.
"I need one more person to help me sneak mommy out of the infirmary and carry her all the way to our cell block. It is a dangerous undertaking-if we get caught, we will be sent to the gas chamber" -But I have no alternative, mommy must be smuggled out-
13 year old Jewish girl from Samorja, Hungry
Throughout the book, Elli gained mental strength while losing physical health. She experienced things that made her tougher and mentally prepared for anything else thrown her way.
Elli changed because she was put into a position where if she was still just a normal girl, her and her mother would not survive. She had to toughen up and think smart in order to live until liberation.
" I run to my room and bury my face in my pillow. My stomach trembles with every convulsive sob. I weep and weep. I weep for my classroom, which is no longer my classroom. For the school that will never be my school again. I weep for my life, which will never be the same." (page 25)
Then, once Elli has been taken from her home, left fatherless, been forced to do hard work and has put her life in danger multiple times, she is now a strong survivor.
'Her fist on my cheek sends me reeling. A second punch knocks me to the slippery floor. Now she is on top of me. She is kicking my head. The black boots gleam and my blood splashes thinly on the wet floor. A kick in the back sends me rolling across the floor toward the exit. Then the door slams and I'm lying flat on the cold, slick floor. -I roll on my abdomen and slowly pull my self up. My head reels. Blood is trickling from my nose and mouth. I cannot open my left eye. There is a very sharp pain in my left side. But my legs are not broken. I can stand.-'
Marcela Lebrija {Intro Master}

Elli is in biggest conflict with her mom and her love with her mom. Elli could have been quicker and stronger if she hadn't loved her mom enough to risk dying to keep her mother alive. Elli had to even put other's lives at risk to get her mother out of the infirmary. If she was alone then she could worry about herself and her own hygiene and hunger problems and not others.
"Mommy's arm is paralyzed, that she is ill and very weak, and that the SS woman is going to break her arm. I jump at the tall, husky woman and shove her against the wall.
'Leave my mother alone! Don't you see you are going to break her arm?'
The towering buxom figure in the dreaded SS uniform swings around. Her fist on my cheek sends me reeling." pg. 124
"An unusual bird with an egg-shaped body covered golden feathers and large, greenish yellow wings. The light growing ever brighter until it bathed the bird in a glittering flood of blinding sparkle."
pg. 144
Elli sees herself as this perfect golden bird
Motivations and Values:
Peaks and Valleys:
1.To stay alive and survive through the war.

2. It is shown throughout the whole war that Elli is determined to be a survivor and not a victim. I would do exactly the same. Push my self to places I never thought human kind could go to.

3. Yes, Elli survives the war. She is liberated and heads to America to live with her Uncle and his family, while Bubi attends college.

4. "By return mail Daddy's brother offered to help us to get to America and find a new home in New York where he had made his home." (pg. 212)
Importance of Words
Highest point: Seeing the Statue of Liberty
Lowest point: Loosing mom at Aushwitz
Many things caused Elli to see the Statue of Liberty, but to me the most important reason was her Uncle. Without him they would have a difficult, if not impossible, time getting to America.
The only thing that separated the two of them is the gash in Elli's leg.
Elli is one of the first to get off the boat on her way to New York, along with her mom and brother.
Eventually Elli sneaks into the truck to go with Mommy. The trucks are headed to a factory to help produce war equipment.

Elli is a young girl that went through one of the worst situations that has happened in the world. She was very smart and knew this was wrong all along. ""What right do they have to take it from me? You game it to me. It was my birthday present. It's mine. How can they just take it?"" (page 27) Elli knew this whole time that this was wrong and that there was no good explanation for what the Nazis and Hitler was doing. This line is very important to the novel because it really shows how people really did know that everything that was going on around them was not right, but not only cause she is a Jew. When someone takes something that is yours for no good reason at all you never understand why or how other people think it is right for your stuff to be taken. She really relates and shows that these people (the nazis) were cruel and did stuff not qualified or just in any way.
Text Evidence

High Point:
"Look, Mommy it's the Statue of Liberty!"
(pg. 217)
Low Point:
"I am about to bolt through the gate to reach Mommy, when one of the SS men notices the wound on my lower leg. It is the bruise I had received from a kick over three months ago, and it has been festering ever since. Now it is a deep hole oozing an awful dark brown liquid, and exuding an atrocious stench. Around the hole, the leg is swollen and red. Lately it has been quite painful.
I believe that a shield represents Eli the best because throughout all of the hardship that she had to endure, she stayed strong and had hope of survival of not only herself but her family. I think that without her perseverance and her being a strong shield that didn't let anything discourage her and wither away to just a person not really living like most people in the concentration camps at that time were. Not only is she a shield, she is her moms shield. Without Elli, her mom would have surely not survived. Elli would throw herself in front of a bullet and be a shield to her mom then let her mom die. "Go on? we are to be decimated at dawn. One of us will surely be tenth.... Go on? Where? If Mommy dies, I die. Oh, God, let me be tenth." (page 96) Elli is a shield, she is the strongest 13 year old girl I would ever think of. Not only is she strong and cant be brought down, but she protects everyone she lives in every way possible.
Mirror, Mirror
Elli's mom feels a whole different way about Elli then any one else described in the book. Elli's mom thinks she is soft and not as good as her other siblings. "Look at Eva. Shes' a year younger than you, yet how deftly she carries a tray." (page 16) Ellie believes that her mom does not think she is good enough to be her daughter and that she needs to be more like her brother Bubi.
Elli does not want other people to think of her like her mom does. She especially doesn't want her mom to keep thinking of her like that. She rather her mom see her the way she really is, strong and tough and pretty in her own way. She does not wish for people to think of her like that because all she wants is to be accepted and mostly by her mom who is everything to her.
Elli sees her self in a whole different way then she thinks others think of her so her self esteem is not very high in my opinion. When the rules for jews start to come up it doesn't really help. She hides her emotions of how she feels at that time of being and jew to her brother because her plays the whole star thing cool. "Then I go to my closet, and there, on my blue spring jacket, of the zipper, is the horrible thing. When I put it on, it looks even bigger. ... I hang the jacket back in the closet. "coward" It is my brother. ... No one is going to call me a coward. I snatch the jacket and run out of the house without saying goodbye to my brother." (page 31 & 32) She hides her true emotions about the star from her brother because she does not want her brother to see her more differently then she thinks he sees her. These emotions are completely hidden from her brother because she belives she is protecting herself and her self esteem.
For Elli her number one priority is her mom. Even when she is starving she would rather see her mom be healthy then eat. "Look, mommy. I admit, I'm very hungry. And I will eat half of the soup. But you must eat the other half because you have become very thin and every drop of food you deny yourself may prove disastrous." (page 142 & 142) Elli has just gone through a whole day without eating but her mom has eaten and saved her some of her meal. When Eli sees her mom ha saved her food she is overjoyed but shows her priority that her mom has over everything else and that really revealed a side of Elli that shows her weakness and vulnerability that she has and that her mom has created.
Elli doesn't only know that the way of life she is living is wrong, she doesn't agree to it. In the camps they would give them the grossest things to eat, but live animals is were Elli draws the line. ""But mommy there are worms. Live worms. They crawl." ... As mommy continues eating I turn my bowl over, spilling its contents on the ground and run." (page 90 & 91) Elli knows what she will do to survive but she also understands what is just not right for humans to eat. This is important because it really shows how Elli is still alive and present in the World, unlike a lot of people who are just litterally bodies in the camps and are just surviving not living. She really shows that she knows her limits to what she will endure in these camps and doesn't agree to what is happening.
1. Samorin
2. Ghetto Nagymagyar
3. Ghetto in Dunaszerdahely
4. Auschwitz
5. Plasow
6. Auschwitz
7. Sugsburg
8. Muhldolf-Waldlager
9. Seeshaupt
!0. Flak Kaserne
11. Samorin
12. New York
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