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Civil War

No description

irene kim

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Civil War

Civil War
Frederick Douglass

-Born in Feb. 1818 and died in Feb. 1895 (77 years old)
-As a child he wanted to know his birthday but, white Masters did not want slaves to know their birthdays
-His mother married a white man,maybe Harriet's master
-He was brought to a slave keeper but,she did not have any experience of being a master so she treated him like family and taught him to read and write
- Douglass worked as a recruiter in several regions of the country signing up African Americans to serve in the Union army
-he convinced Lincoln to let slaves be in the war
-Frederick was taken to jail several times because he was trying to escape
-After finally escaping he became a leader of the
Harriet Tubman
-she got taken away to be a slave when she was a 6 years old
-when she was a slave her master let her stay with her parents and took her back when she was 7 years old
-she married John Tubman
-Harriet found the Underground Railroad and became a free slave
-she was the conductor of the Underground Railroad
-Harriet was a Union spy during the Civil War
-during the Civil War she was a cook

Abraham Lincoln

-Lincoln was born in Feb.12 1809 and died in April 15 1865
-Abraham Lincoln was a famous republican
-He won an election at age 25 and served for four years
-He was the sixteenth President
-He was a national union
-He was a president during the Civil War
Clara Barton
-Clara's birthday is on Christmas day
-youngest child
-Clara helped her brother survive
-When she was little she wanted to help people so she became a teacher
-After retiring from being a teacher she was a nurse for the Civil War
-some soldiers called her "Angel of battle field"
-Clara was 44 when the civil war ended
-she was Union but,helped nurse both Union
and Confederate
Elizabeth Van Lew
-Born Oct.25 1818 and died in Sep.25 1900
-Elizabeth's resting place was Shockoe Hill Cemetray
-her nickname was Crazy Bett
-Union spy
-When Libby prison was opened in Richmond,Elizabeth was allowed to bring food, clothing, writing things, and other things to the Union soldiers imprisoned there.
-she operated a spy ring during the Civil war and convinced Varina Davis to hire Browser as a house hold servant ,enabling him to spy in the White House confederacy
Jefferson Davis
-born June 3,1808
-president of Confederacy
-tenth child
-served as an officer in a war
-He was the Secretary of War for the US.
-his middle name was Finis
that meant final in Latin,
his parents named him that because
they expected him to be the last child
-His dad died because of Malaria

Battle of Gettysburg
-took place on July1-3,1869
-leaders:Union Gen.Gorge Meade
-deadly battle
-took 3 days
-Union won this battle
-it was fought in

Fort Sumter
-first battle of Civil War
-nobody died in this battle
-first shot of Civil War
-Confederate team won
-This battle was fought at Charleston,South Carolina
-leaders:North Robert Anderson
-leaders:South Gen.Beauregard
-Worran county,Mississippi
-union=77,000 soldiers
-confederate=33,000 soldiers
-union won
-leader:Union Ulysses.S.Grant
-Union=805 soldiers died
Confederate=806 soldiers died
-fought on April 9,1863
-location-Appomattox Court House,Virginia
-leaders-Union Ulysses.S.Grant Confederate Robert.E.Lee
-one of the last battles of American Civil War
-union victory

-fought in September17,1862
-bloodiest single day battle
-leaders-south Robert.E.Lee
north George.B.Mc.Clellan
-fought near Sharpsburg,Maryland
-Union won this battle
Important Events
Lincolns Assassination
-Lincoln got shot on April14,1865 by
John Wilkes
-got shot at Ford's Theater
-he died on April 15,1865
-John was a confederate sympathizer
-he was attending a play when he was shot
-theater shut down after the assassination
-his wife was next to him when he got shot
-Lincoln's Funeral was in New York City
Emancipation Proclamation
-The Emancipation Proclamation was an executive order issued by President Lincoln on January 1, 1863
-signed in the White House
-President Lincoln issued it 2 times
-It changed the focus of the war
-After it got signed Lincoln allowed
slaves to join the war
-It only applied to the state in rebellion
- The Emancipation Proclamation paved the way for African-Americans to fight for their freedom.
-Lincoln’s advisors did not initially support the Emancipation Proclamation
-The Emancipation Proclamation helped prevent the involvement of foreign nations in the Civil War
John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry
-also known as John Brown's raid or The raid on Harpers Ferry
-leaders:Confederate Robert E. Lee Union John Brown
-Harpers Ferry ,West Virginia
-The raid was intended to be the first stage in an elaborate plan to establish an independent stronghold of freed slaves in the mountains of Maryland and Virginia
-Confederate victory
-Brown was captured during the raid and later convicted of treason and hanged
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