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Family Project

No description

krishae jordan

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Family Project

House: 4 Bedroom
Master Bedroom & Kids' Rooms w/ Play Room
Krishae Jordan
DOB: 4/17/1975
Personality: Dancer, favorite things to do is eat pizza and listen to music, & brave.
Job: Car Salesman
K'La Marie Walker-Jordan
Personality: Singer/Songwriter,photogenic,B-student & a risk-taker
Family Project
By :
Krishae Jordan
Eddie Walker

4 Bedroom House
Kitchen & Living Room
Eddie Walker
JOb: Private in the Army
Car: Ford Expediton
Kayden Nicole & Kionna Nechelle Walker-Jordan
DOB: 3/13/97
Age: 16
Personality: Kayden-Outgoing, athletic,talkative & Daring;
Kionna- Outgoing, dancer,smart & not araid of anyone/anything

Sean Damien Walker-Jordan
DOB: 4/1/00
Personality: Rapper, confident,
funny, intelligent & generous.
Neveah Destiny Walker-Jordan
DOB: 12/23/03
Personality: Stingy,
child model, hard headed, & sneaky
DOB: 2/13/09
Personality: Chris-Outgoing,
likes sports, doesn't like
veggies, & nosy;
likes to read,
reads everyday & talks too much; both like to sing & got invited on the Ellen Show
Chris Deon & Christian Jamal Walker-Jordan

My Family/Experience
I'm very glad I got to get a first hand look at raising a family even though it was not all the way real. It was real enough for me though. I now know how to write checks and save money for needed things and not just waste them on unnecessary things like eating out. If it's not in my budget, I'm not getting it. My experience has been a very good lesson. It has taught me a lot about finances. I now know why my parents sometimes say,"NO!" or "Not right now." to things I want. My parents say all the time "Kids are expensive." and I didn't believe them until I experienced this project from a first person perspective. I am in no rush to have kids as a teenager because I know I am not ready mentally or financially and this was a great experience for the past few weeks.
-Krishae Jordan
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