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Movies and Hollywood

No description

Celeste Wallis

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Movies and Hollywood

By: Spudnic Sunderland, Carlee Gillespie, Celeste Wallis.
Original Set-Up
Charlie Chaplin

Clara Bow

Douglas Fairbanks

Born on April 1889 in London
His alcoholic father left his mom, older half brother, and him around he was one
His mom was a music hall Singer and went under the name Lily Harley
First time on stage was when his mom lost her voice and the stage manager quickly put charlie on the stage
First time working with Keystone on Mabel's busy day.
His signature character "
The Tramp
" was first shown in Kid AutThe Tramp"o Races in 1914 but was in his first feature film The Kid.
Last Tramp's movie was Modern Times
He passed away from a stroke on December 25 1977
Born on July 29 1905
Went to Hollywood, while still in high school because of a beauty contest
A small role in

Beyond the Rainbow
brought her a significant amount of attention
Biggest movie was
in 1927 and she got the nickname "It Girl"
Walt Disney Studio
Alice Comedies
were purchased for $1,500 per reel (1923)
Previously Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio (1926)
Created with his Brother Roy Disney
Oswald The Rabbit
shorts- little money
Lost contract to Universal Studios in 1928
Created Mickey Mouse from this loss.
Steamboat Willie
was the first cartoon with synchronized sound (1928)
Premiered in the Broadway Theatre
Disney redid Plane Crazy and The Gallopin' Guacho with synchronized sound in 1929
Began work with Columbia Pictures-Silly Symphonies
Mickey mouse comic strips were posted in the New York Mirror (newspaper)
Signed with
to produce cartoons in color
This led to the production of Snow white
Clara Bow
Charlie Chaplin
Douglas Fairbanks
Company that released Snow White And the Seven Dwarfs
First Full length Animated film
years to make
starting in 1934
Profits=Studio in CA for Disney
United Artists tried to gain rights to future Disney shorts.
Born on May 23 1883
Raised by a Southern mother after his father, an attorney, left them when he was 5
He started acting when he was 12
Broadway debut in 1902
left theater to marry
Anna Beth Sully
only to get divorced later
He moved to Hollywood in 1915 and worked under G.W. Griffith
He then went on a
Liberty Bond Tour
with Charlie Chaplin, he then met Mary Pickford and fell in love.
Chaplin, Griffith and Fairbanks then started United Artist
Silent, except for
live piano
and/or an orchestra.
On screen text (mainly quotes) helped explain story line.

Not the main event
Black and white (of course)



Silent films dominated until Synchronized sound.
" became the Cutting edge. (The Jazz Singer)
The Vitaphone allowed for audio tracks to be directly on the film.
"Steam Boat Willie"
The name Hollywood was coined by
H.J. Whitley
Whitley bought the land and built the Hollywood Hotel on it. The hotel quickly became very popular and everyone wanted to go
Early Hollywood

H.J. Whitley also built residential areas called the
Ocean View Tract.
He publicized so much that he spent thousands of dollars paying for electricity and a road leading up to the houses.
Early Hollywood

January 30th
, 1904 the voters in Hollywood decided to band all alcohol unless it was for a medicinal reason.
Restaurants and Hotels weren't allowed to sell any alcohol at all
the city decided to merge with Los Angeles to make secure adequate water supplies and to gain access to LA sewer system.
Specific sound
Warner Bro's "
": sound-on-disc system (The Jazz Singer)

Western Electric's return "Movietone": sound-on-film

RCA developed the Photophone.
Open Class Discusion.
Hollywood Sign
It was built in 1923.
Was originally called "
" and it was used to advertise a suburban housing development.
In 1949 the
Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
decided to take down the world "Land".
Pranksters decided it would be funny in 1973 and make the much worn down sign say Hollyweed, they were trying to advocate looser marijuana laws.
So in 1978 the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce decided a renovation was needed
Warner Bros
20th Century
and Paramount are part of the Big Six, but are a bit after our time frame.
Columbia Pictures
RKO and
Snow White
RKO, Walt Disney Studios, Columbia Pictures, MGM, and Warner Bros were all founded in the 1920s
20th Century Fox, and Paramount were created a little later in 1935
Universal Studios was before the time, founded in 1915
Owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment
Created 1918 By brothers
Jack and Harry Cohn.
1st feature film was released in 1922
Became more popular in the late 1920s thanks to their association with director Frank Capra
Known as one of the homes of
Subcategory of romantic comedies form the 1930's
Bought out by Coca Cola in 1982 and then was soon sold again to Tri-star
***Some of the companies overlap, I tried to make it as easy to follow as i could***
Leo The Lion
Founded 1924
Is a combination of Metro Pictures, Goldwyn Pictures, and Louis B. Mayer Pictures
Owner Marcus Loew died in 1927
New owner attempted to buy Paramount in an attempt to save them from bankruptcy, but they came out of it on their own.
Bankrupt in 2010
Group of brothers who opened a theatre in the town of
New Castle
in 1903
Opened Warner Bros in 1918 (1905)
Got put on the map thanks to Rin Tin Tin
A German Shepard rescued from WWI
Harry left to work at MGM
Signed John Barrymore lead in Beau Brummel
Became the top independent film company and fought to get into the top three which included MGM and Paramount Pictures
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