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Humanities Jane Moon grade10

An overview of what this course will cover.

Jungmin(Jane) Moon

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Humanities Jane Moon grade10

& Cultural Dilution How do we create new cultures?

what is globalization?

what is culture? what is my culture?
Custumes Activity Food Effect of
on culture Grade 10 Jane Moon Name for the process of increasing the connectivity and interdependence of the world's markets and businesses.

Culture refers to the following Ways of Life, including
but not limited to Language, Arts & Sciences, Thought, Spirituality, Social activity and interaction
: the oldest human institution and the most sophisticated medium of expression. Language : the most advanced and refined forms
of human expression. 'Hangul' kimchi korean ordinary table Bibimbap Having been an almost exclusively agricultural country until recently, the essential recipes in Korea are shaped by this experience: rice are staple food of korea : the shared pursuits within a cultural community, demonstrated in a variety of festivities and life-celebrating events. The traditional dress known as hanbok has been worn since ancient times. Korean is the official language of Korea, both South and North. Drama &Music Nulddwigi Jwi bul nol e Gangansulae Chajun nol e Nanta Pansori
chang bup Gukak Drama Openess of global tade -Drama
What underlies this effect of Korean television dramas in Japanese popular culture?

The impact of the “Korean wave” of television drama from 2003 on Japanese popular culture has been a dramatic and significant phenomenon. The conditions under which this occurred allow the key factors to be identified with useful results. It is multinational and
international orporations

Globalization of trade statement: Explanation: References: http://coombs.anu.edu.au/SpecialProj/ASAA/biennial-conference/2006/Yasumoto-Seiko-ASAA2006.pdf
Globalization of economy


Explanation: From the globalization, there are many trans- national corporation(TNC) have opened and they have been activated. such as starbucks, MC donald, KFC, etc. besides, branding is now an worldwide thing which is process of internaitonalizing companyby its logo or slogan such as Nike, Adidas, Prada,Chanel(fashion),etc. TNC & Branding Cultural Dilution
As many internaitonal companies comes in or out, world is now globalized. but, on the other hand, there are some problems- cultural dilution.
"we are exposed to losing our own culture." VS Global migration Statement:

Explanation: Since global migration is available, people can move to other contries with cheaper flights and sea transport. and people can work overseas as well as international tourism. so we can not only easily get other countries' culture more easier but also jobs. Free movement of people-migration globalized Globalization via internet(entertainment) Interconnectedness of world. Statement:
Explanation: It's more cheaper, faster global communication with global media networks. it can increase awareness of international issue such as entertainment,disaster, drama or human interests
via fruitful internet website. Summary How does my research illustrate the idea of interconnectedness? Global language As globalization goes on, the world need official language so that everyone can communicate easily in UN conference or other meetings. chosen language, which is English is now the basic languages all over the world. but some affect
of this language, many country lose their own language. Statement:
Explanation: openess of global trade(interconnectedness) Globalization makes world's changes. Whole world is interconnect with each other. People are now use google to search some infromation from other country and kids are eating MCdonald usually in Korea.
Before we notice, globalization is soak into life. It gave us fruitful benefits with convinience, still we have some bad affects of it, which is cultural dilution. since we use other culture benefits rather than our old culture, some of valuable things are dissapearing. Such as language, people's thought about English is more important than their mothertongue.
People need to be consider to keep both their culture and other culture equally based on globalization. references:'interconnectedness' :: (korean)
Google :(korean) http://c.ask.nate.com/imgs/qrsi.tsp/8907442/11922510/0/1/A/%ED%96%84%EB%B2%84%EA%B1%B0.jpg
Developing country - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

interconnected :: (korean)
TNC - Search results - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

references: book<language is in danger by korean> references: book<where internet comes from? by korean>
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