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Diary of a wimpy kid Rodrick rules

No description

isabella l

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Diary of a wimpy kid Rodrick rules

Student name Isabella Lawrence
Book tittle Rodrick rules
Author of book Jeff Kinney
Number of pages 217
Date published 2008
The main character is Rodrick. Rodrick is the lead singer of his band LODED DIPER. He has two older brothers named Greg and Manney. Manney blames every thing on Rodrick and Greg. Rodrick picks on Greg. Rodrick likes this girl named Heather hills.
Greg is Rodrick`s younger brother. Greg is not very smart because he is failing in almost every subject. In the story, Greg and his friend Rowley play a joke on there friend Chriag. The joke is that they are pretending that Chriag is invisible and ten so nobody talks to him so Chriag gets so mad.
By Isabella Lawrence
Diary of a wimpy kid Rodrick rules
Book report #4
The story took place in many places like school , home and Rowley`s house. But the main setting was at school.
My favorite part
My favorite part of the book was when Greg and his friends were playing a joke that Chriag was invisible. when they saw Chriag he said hi to Rowley did not say anything so Chriag said can you see me and Rowley said NOPE i can`t even hear you and Rowley gave the hole thing away but Chriag did not even notice.
Manney has two older brothers named Greg and Rodrick. Manney is the youngest in the family. When ever Manney breaks or rips something he blames it on Greg. Manney calls Greg bubby. Manney has a special blanket. even though it is just a bunch of buggers and dust he still loves it!
About the author
Jeff Kinney is known of the diary of a wimpy kid series. Jeff has a family. A wife and 2 children. he was born on February 19 1971 and he is 43 years old. he is the best New York times seller.
Book vs Movie
Book vs movie means comparing the book to the movie. I find the book more detailed than the movie because the movie leaves out some stuff.Even though the movie is 1 hour and something min s long.the movie has the characters as a human it is still fun to look at them in a carton version. And when u just read the books and never saw the movies they look way different compared to the books how they look ex:
I would recommend this book to another reader because the words are not to hard and not to easy.This book would not be good for grade 1s because the words would be to hard
I would give this book a
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