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English ISU

Kevin Canlas

on 29 May 2011

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Transcript of Rushmore

Rushmore The 1990's The Hubble Telescope The Gulf War Combat roles for women Power Rangers Rwandan Genocide California legalized marijuana Pop music emerges The Film: Rushmore Max is a 15 year old boy attending a prestigious school called Rushmore. He is an underachieving overachiever. He is a member of over 20 clubs. Falls below average in the academics. Max Fischer Harold Blume Rosemary Cross Margaret Yang Dirk Calloway Individualism Definition: A belief in the importance of the
individual and the virtue of self-reliance and
personal independence. A very good example of individualism can be found in Max Fischer. Example of individualism: He builds the aquarium Example of selfishness: Max's general disregard of others' feelings In the 1990's, teenagers were exposed to a new "individualistic wave" that sprung from the rise of the internet, certain rights/freedom movements and school clubs. These are just a few examples that allowed teenagers to more freely express their selves. Selfishness can also go hand-in-hand with individualism. Rebellion and Lack of Identity Through individualism, teenagers expressed their ideas and feelings with acts of rebellion. Teens from the 90's had a distinct lack of identity. They are the children of the hippies of the 60's/70's. Grunge music - Anti-establishment Pop music - Very corporate. Created to appeal to youths and pre-teens. This is greatly reflected by the diversity of popular music in the 1990's:
- Grunge
- Pop
- Hip-Hop Hip-Hop - In certain parts of America, young African Americans use music to let their voices be heard. The Female in the 1990's Feminism Girl Power Riot Grrrl Females in Rushmore Ms. Cross Margaret Yang A political, cultural and or economic movment aimed at establishing equality for women. Third Wave Feminism Taken mainstream by girl bands, most notably the Spice Girls. It was meant to inspire girls to be themselves and do what they wanted. An anti-capitalism punk movement by teenage girls, not necessarily communists who followed the lead of flappers and dressed to de-emphasize their bodies. An adult in the 90's She seems almost indifferent to Max's feelings Max doesn't seem to care about her feelings Inspires Max to do rebellious things An academic student Not a typical Girl Power subject Wins science fair by cheating Overlooked a little by all the males and taken a little for granted Irony of Girl Power in Margaret Yang :) Max Fischer
Teenage Experience First Love Rejection Moving On Ms. Cross Rushmore Platonic Love Romantic Love Placed on a pedestal Idea Isolation Never accepting rejection Fear Margaret Public School Growing Up Harold Conflict within teenagers Not wanting to grow up Max=Young Harold Fear of a monotonous life Admires Max Dangers of Never growing up
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