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Seven Shan- Life Shapes Who You Are

No description

seven shan

on 21 June 2016

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Transcript of Seven Shan- Life Shapes Who You Are

Seven Shan
My Nature
I interchanged into a girl that was unwilling to share. I started being alone, and stopped to have heart talk with others. Because I doubted their personality.
Two of my friends had tell me their experiences of being bullied in their middle schools. They were totally isolated from others.
I Smiled to Everyone
Many friends described me as the most optimistic person they ever seen. I thought smile is a good way to pass down happiness; I thought smile can help others overcoming problems. Because hopes can grow anything. However, smile cannot erase the harm from emotional bullying.
The reason they hurt each other is because they have no way to prove their value.
The fast pace life and highly competitive world make them do that.
Don't afraid of it, but adapt from it.
Life shapes who we are
When I was a child, I always helped others. I taught my friends difficult questions; I helped teachers marking tests; I helped distributing lunch although I would become the last one to eat. Because I believed if I was nice to everyone, they would be nice to me and others.
Quote from Into The Wild
One is very good at study, other has the lowest mark in their class. However, they were both bullied. That made me wonder why. And I started to feel those bulling around me. I felt sorry for people being bullied, and I hated the people bullying others. I regretted that I treated everyone in love and honest, but I got cold and indifferent in return.
In the story INTO THE WILD, the main character, Chris, had the same problem. He tried to hard to define every action of society or people in society. But he failed, the external conflict made him surrender. Therefore, he chose to away from the society and away from city people. He thought his happiness was in the wild alone. But he was wrong, at the end, he realized, "the happiness is only real when it shared. Through his tragedy, I got an epiphany: Firstly, adapting from difficult life, don't let severe environment changes your heart. Then, overcoming your illusion and insisting on your true dream
Chris didn't listen to his friends. It is also a very big mistake. He never care about his friends' opinion.
If he listened to his friends, he would realize the true happiness earlier and avoided death.
When I had some problems, I would definitely ask my friends' opinions. So I would listen to their suggestions and help people no matter what kind of person they are.
I WILL STILL BUILD A ANIMAL FARM IN new zealand and help providing milk to poor kids.
And i want to use the money i eraned to open a company which solves emotional bullying.
Solve those problems but not run away and hide!!!
Sometimes I tried too hard to make sense of the world, to figure out why people were bad to each other so often.
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