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China Creation Myth

No description

Jessica Davis

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of China Creation Myth

Chinese Creation Myth There was a chaos egg containing yin and yang and all the other opposites. In the Beginning... The egg burst open and out came the dragon Pan-gu. As he pushed the two egg shells apart yin and yang surrounded him, and the earth began to form. Pan-gu pushed the sky up to 30,000 feet high. Then he formed the mountains and filled the oceans. He drew the rivers with fingers and stomped the ground flat with his feet. He threw balls of light in to the sky to form stars. After 18,000 years Pan-gu laid down and died, his body dedicated to the Earth. His skull formed the top of the sky, his hair turned to flowers and plants, his blood became rivers, his breath turned to the wind, his voice to thunder, and his eyes to the sun and moon. There were no people, until the half-dragon goddess Nuwa made hundreds of humans out of clay from the banks of the yellow river so she wouldn't be alone. "China." THE BIG MYTH. N.p., 2007. Web. 19 Sep 2012. <http://mythicjourneys.org/bigmyth/2_eng_myths.htm>.

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Eastaught, Ben. Nüwa, the Serpent Goddess. 2011. Photograph. ferrebeekeeperWeb. 19 Sep 2012. <http://ferrebeekeeper.wordpress.com/2011/05/18/nuwa-the-serpent-goddess/>.

Green, Herbero. Nuwa Mending The Sky. 2012. Photograph. DeviantartWeb. 19 Sep 2012. <http://herberogreen.deviantart.com/art/Nuwa-Mending-The-Sky-213270140>. Work Cited The first living being and the creator of all Chinese Mythology. He emerged from the egg when there was a perfect balance between Yin and Yang. Pan-gu Meaning "shadow and light".
Describes how polar opposites or contrary forces are connected to each other in the natural world. Yin and Yang A goddess in ancient Chinese Mythology, best known for creating mankind and repairing the walls of Heaven. Nuwa Nuwa then told all the people to go and populate the Earth. She gave them legs instead of tails. Once she realized it would take centuries to make enough humans to fill the Earth she picked up a muddy stick and flung mud across the world, each drop became a human.
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