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Why Writing Centers are Beneficial to a University

Discusses what a writing center is, what they do, and why these things are important in a university

Breanna Cary

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Why Writing Centers are Beneficial to a University

The Benefits of a
Writing Center The Purpose of the Writing Center The main purpose of a Writing Center is to provide students the opportunity to get help with their text from a tutor. Students can get help from the Writing Center with more than just their English class. Writing Center tutors are qualified to help a student with a text from any discipline. They are also qualified to help non-native English speakers with their writing. There are tutors for Chemistry, Psychology, Spanish, and many other disciplines. The Writing Center can be considered a tutoring center for any subject that involves writing. Why Writing Centers Do What They Do Writing Center tutors strive to help students learn how to write correctly. They do this by working with students on issues such as research, structure, flow, grammar, punctuation, citations, and spelling. They want to help students not only with their current assignment, but future assignments as well. They achieve this by talking with the students and making sure that they understand why something does or doesn't work. The tutors try to offer an environment that may be less intimidating than a classroom setting. While some students may be intimidated to ask their teacher question, they may feel more comfortable working with their peer. The Big Picture In conclusion, the writing center is not only a place where students can get help for their classes, but a place to help prepare them for their future careers. For more information about writing centers visit:
http://suite101.com/article/the-importance-of-writing-skills-centers-in-community-colleges-a351280 The National Commission on Writing. Works Cited: "Writing: a Ticket to Work...or a Ticket Out". 2004. Web. The National Commission on Writing found seven major points in a survey among American corporations:
People who cannot write and communicate clearly will not be considered for hiring. Two-thirds of salaried employees in large American companies have some kind of writing responsibility. 80 percent of the corporations with greatest employment growth potential assess writing when they hire. Half of all companies consider an employees writing abilities when they make promotion decisions. Communication through e-mail and PowerPoint presentations is almost universal. Writing is an essential skill for employment and production.
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