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Flat vs. Tall Structures

No description

Marta Rodríguez

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Flat vs. Tall Structures

Flat vs. Tall Structures
Nike, Growth Company

1. Introduction

2. Tall structures

3. Flat structures

4. Nike, an example case of a Flat Structure Organization

5. Final conclusions
1. Introduction
2.Tall Structures
3.Flat Structures
4. Nike: Example of a Flat Structure
5. Conclusions
Purpose of the project:

- Illustrate and explain Tall and Flat Structures

-Compare both Organizational Structures

-Brief Definition of Flat Structure

-Nike, an example of a Flat Structure

1. Advantages:

-Close Supervision
-Optimization when solving Problems

2. Disadvantages:

-High Costs
-Delay in Approving the Execution of Actions
-Low Decision Power of Managers
-Lack of Communication Between Groups

1. Advantages:

-Clear Chain of Commands

2. Disadvantages:

-Too much work for one manager
-Less quality of performance
Flat Structures
More Efficient and Innovative than
Tall Structures
2.Take advantage of:
Satisfaction and Growth

3. As Nike example: Global competition needs
quickly reactions
to the market place dynamics.
.Multinational company Created in
by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight.

.Nike main competitive advantage is

Flat Structure
allows it to take faster decisions: Nike’s successful strategy is mainly the completely well positioning of its employees to address transitions.
"Quick but Wise Decisions"

.Nike is Composed by a Total of
44 subsidiaries
around the world.

located at the U.S
are distributed within
Nike Golf, Cole Haan Holdings Inc., Bauer Nike Hockey Inc., Exeter Brands Groups, Hurley International LC and Converse Inc..

.Keep a
strong organizational society
and a
common identity
for the whole group: ‘Regional Headquarters’ for the EMEA.
Global Headquarters
Responsibilities of being on the
top of the hierarchical decision-making pyramid
. Take the role of Regional Headquarters for Pacific Asia, U.S.A and the Americas.
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