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Stock Market Game

No description

Melinda Chao

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Stock Market Game

Stock Market Game

Focus Companies
Target Corp. (TGT)
Bought on 300 shares October 11 for $63.20
Highest Price: November 15 at $66.89
Lowest Price: December 2 at $62.73
Pioneer High Yield Fund Class Y (TYHYX)
Bought 100 shares on October 22 for $11.18
Highest Price: October 29 at $11.10
Lowest Price: December 4 at $10.65
Lexie Smith, Katelyn Decamp, Christina Valdez, Melinda Chao
10 Week Progression
Team 227
The Hershey Company (HSY)
Target Corp. (TGT)
Pioneer High Yield Fund Class Y (TYHYX)
Coca Cola (KO)
Health Net (HNT)
Southwest Airlines (LUV)
Denny's (DENN)
The Hershey's Company (HSY)

Target (TGT)

Pioneer High Yield Fund Class Y (TYHYX)
Conclusion - continued -
The Hershey Company (HSY)
Bought 100 Shares on October 10 for $93.76
Highest Price: October 29 at $100.90
Lowest Price: October 15 at $93.23
Hersheys -continued-
Competitors: Nestle (NSRGY)
Mars, Incorporated (private)
Current Events:
October 9
"poorly performing business" Jenny Craig diet company "weaken the good business"
Market Watch

November 7
"proposed near-ban on trans fats has little effect on food company shares"
Market Watch
Target -contunued-
Pioneer -continued-
Competitors: Costco (COST)
Walmart (WMT)
Current Events
Holdings: Ford Motor Company, Alere, Nuance
Communications, etc.
Current Events
Sold the rest of the stocks on December 5 to cut losses.
Started the game with $100,000 and ended it with
Target 10 Week Graph
Pioneer's Graph
Hershey's Graph
Sold on December 5 for $62.63 per share
Sold on November 22 for $96.27
Sold on December 5 for $10.63
- $55.00
- $340.40
What we had...
Consumer based companies
Products are not essential
Companies have a lot of competition
If we played the game again...
we would chose companies that provided products that everyone needs, so the prices might be more stable.
What we looked for...
dividends paid within the time we were playing
where the current price was between the 52 week high & low
current events

Grade = B
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