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jia kim

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Arctic

Hi~ everyone. Now
we are going to talk about
the Arctic. peoples of the Arctic Hunting
What were they hunting for?
Seal: meat and skin
Walrus: ivory (tusks), and meat
Whale: ivory, meat for dogs
What did they hunt with?
Hooded Seal, Walrus, Whale, Caribou, Polar Bear, Musk Oxen, Arctic hare, Arctic fox, Arctic Bird
What did they eat at summer?
Caribou and Seals
What did they eat at winter?
Harp Seal and Ringed Seal. ART Transportation Tools Food Quiz Family
They lived in groups of 5-6 people.
Each family lived and hunted together with 6-10 other families.
Some marriages were arranged, but most marriages
were chosen. They used resources that were available to them such as parts of animals, stone, and driftwood. (polar bear, soapstone, and Inuit hunter soapstone) Most tools that the Inuit used were made out of stone or pats of animals like bone, ivory, antlers and teeth. A special knife that Inuit used for skinning animals, preparing the animal skins, and butchering. The Inuit had different methods of travel depending on the season. In the winter they traveled across the frozen Arctic water
either by foot or dog sled.During the summer they took advantage of the open water
and traveled by boat. Summer:Caribou and seal
Winter:Harp seal and Ringed seal 1.What did they eat?
a)Harp seal
d)Mr.Caswell Harp seal Caribou By.Simon,Jia,Na Yul 2.How many people are there in a group of family?
d)5~6 3.What did they eat at summer?
b) Seal
c)Caribou and Seal A=HARP SEAL 2 Videos D=5~6 C=Caribou and Seal The end And we love Arctic
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