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MOON JELLY FISH (Aurelia Aurita)

No description

caroline milam

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of MOON JELLY FISH (Aurelia Aurita)

Boneless, Brainless and, Heartless
There are two chemicals in the bodies of bioluminescent jellyfish- luciferin and luciferinase.
When lucifrin is triggered it gets oxidized by luciferinase. Thus making the glowing happen.
MOON JELLY FISH (Aurelia Aurita)
Moon Jelly Fish are bioluminescent like some other organisms. So that means they produce light by a chemical reaction happening within their bodies.

Moon jelly fish eat small plankton, fish eggs, and very small shrimp.
You can tell which jellies are male because the horse-shoe shaped mark is colored white, and the females ones are colored pink.
Moon Jellyfish are found mainly in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Indian Ocean. They like the warmer more tropical areas.
Other organisms that use bioluminsences are Lanterfish, Viperfish, Fireflys, and Glow worms.
Discovered by Carl Linnaeus in 1785
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